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How to Choose Single Pendulum and Double Pendulum Handheld Laser Welding System

Handheld laser welding is a new welding technology that is rapidly gaining popularity. Its principle is to quickly melt the material through the laser to form a weld, thereby achieving the purpose of welding. Compared with traditional welding, handheld laser welding has the advantages of low entry threshold, fast welding speed, and beautiful welds. Therefore, it has achieved rapid growth in China in recent years.

Handheld laser welding equipment requires a control system to adjust processing parameters such as power size and focus shape. At present, handheld welding mainly uses embedded controllers as control systems. Since the galvanometer that controls the direction of the laser has two types: single swing motor and double swing motor, the handheld laser welding control system is also divided into single swing control system and double swing control system.

handheld laser welding system operation panel
handheld laser welding system operation panel

The swing motor adjusts the direction of the laser by controlling the galvanometer. A single motor can only control changes in a single direction, similar to a single X-axis or a single Y-axis, while the dual motors can be combined with each other to enable the galvanometer to turn to any angle, realizing more complex welding processing.

The single swing handheld laser welding control system and the double swing handheld laser welding control system will not be much different in terms of main functions such as laser control, information display, parameter setting, and safety alarm. For the same equipment, the welding speed and weld appearance of the two control systems will not be much different.

The double pendulum system can freely control the laser angle, so the double pendulum handheld laser equipment can process complex parts, such as parts with angles and dead angles. For these parts that the laser head cannot be directly aligned with, the double pendulum control system is required to adjust the laser angle so that the operator can complete the processing without alignment.

3kw fiber laser welder
3kw fiber laser welder

Some welding tasks with high precision requirements or complex welding paths also require a double pendulum control system to be competent. This is also the biggest difference in function between the single pendulum handheld laser control system and the double pendulum handheld laser control system.

In terms of price, the price of the single pendulum handheld laser control system is relatively low, and the overall price of its matching single pendulum handheld laser welding machine is also relatively low.

For general sheet metal processing, such as furniture welding, billboard welding, kitchen cabinet welding, etc., a single pendulum handheld welding control system can be used, but complex tasks still require double pendulum handheld welding to complete. The specific choice still needs to be judged according to your own requirements.



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