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side mounted laser pipe cutting machine

Side Mounted Laser Pipe Cutting Machine


The side-mounted high-efficiency laser pipe cutting machine adopts advanced laser technology and has fast and precise cutting capabilities. It can complete complex cutting in a short time, whether it is straight cutting or curved cutting, which improves work efficiency.

Suitable for cutting pipes with larger diameters and shorter lengths, and suitable for long-term, mass production



Technical Specifications


fiber laser cutting head

High electro-optical conversion efficiency, reduced energy consumption, low operating costs, excellent cutting, smooth cutting edges, no burrs, reduced subsequent processing, and wide range of applicable materials

fiber laser

Lasers have been widely used in industrial manufacturing, medical treatment, communications, scientific research and other fields because of their high precision, high efficiency, multi-function, environmental protection and other advantages.

Professional pipe cutting intelligent system

Simple interface, efficient operation, three-dimensional pipe nesting software, pipe cutting process database, automatic generation of report records, and a dedicated butler

Side-mounted three-chuck design

The pneumatic chuck's automatic clamping force is strong and adjustable, cutting heavy pipes without fear of loosening and slipping, and clamping light and thin pipes without deformation.

Three chuck reverse cutting

Multiple clamping methods cooperate with each other to greatly improve material utilization, break through the limitation of "0" tail materials, improve efficiency and reduce costs,Meet the processing needs of angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, H-beam, etc.

servo motor

High precision, fast response, strong stability, efficient energy conversion, wide speed range: suitable for applications with various speed requirements, long life and low maintenance costs.Small size, suitable for space-constrained devices.

laser cutting capability

Supports the cutting of conventional pipes such as round pipes and square pipes, and the pipe processing diameter is 50-450mm.


The side-mounted pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of metal pipes and plastic pipes, and is widely used in construction, automobiles, shipbuilding and other industries.
In short, the side-mounted pipe cutting machine has become one of the indispensable equipment in modern industrial production due to its five major advantages: high precision, low noise, easy operation, safety and reliability, and wide range of applications.

chine price

also beneficial to request quotes from multiple suppliers to compare prices and features comprehensively.

differences between a 40000w and a 20000w fiber laser cutting machine

Cutting Thickness Capabilities:

A 40000W machine can cut through much thicker materials compared to a 20000W machine.
For stainless steel, a 40000W can cut up to 100mm (3.94″) thick, while a 20000W is limited to around 60mm (2.36″) thick.
For aluminum, a 40000W can cut up to 80mm (3.15″) thick, whereas a 20000W maxes out at around 50mm (1.97″) thick.
For carbon steel, the 40000W can handle up to 100mm (3.94″) thickness, but the 20000W is limited to 60mm (2.36″) thick.

Cutting Speed:

The higher 40000W power allows for faster cutting speeds compared to a 20000W machine, especially on thicker materials.
Machine Size/Cutting Area:
40000W machines tend to have a larger overall cutting area, up to 12000x2500mm (39×8 ft), to accommodate the cutting of larger, thicker workpieces.
20000W machines likely have a smaller cutting area suitable for smaller/thinner workpieces.


A 40000W fiber laser is significantly more expensive than a 20000W machine due to the higher laser power and larger overall size/capabilities.
The Alibaba listing shows a 40000W machine priced around $30,000-$32,000, while typical 20000W machines are lower cost.

the key differences are the 40000W machine’s ability to cut much thicker materials at faster speeds, its larger cutting area, but also its substantially higher price point compared to a 20000W fiber laser cutter

The maximum cutting thickness is 200mm.


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