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Dowell 3D 5 Axis Bevel Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine bevel cutting is a processing method that cuts materials into a bevel shape with an incline or bevel.

Bevel cutting head, optional on demand, can achieve maximum ± 45 ° swing cutting; support V-type, Y-type, X-type and K-type and other groove batch processing, improve quality and efficiency.


Bevel Laser Cutting Machine adopts imported bevel laser cutting and five-axis CNC system, and uses high-strength aluminum alloy casting swing arm;
The dual-axis swing of the laser head is greater than ±50°, and it is equipped with professional cutting and programming nesting software. It is a bevel cutting machine that can process V-shaped, Y-shaped and other styles;


Laser Bevel Cutting video

Laser Bevel Cutting Machine video

Bevel Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine video

Laser Bevel Cutting type

5 axis CNC Fiber laser cutting machine for sale

Used for laser bevel cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel plates, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, galvanized sheets and other metal materials

5 axis laser tube cutting Machine for sale

The 3D laser cutting head can easily cut H steel, I-beam, angle steel, channel steel and other profiles, as well as drop-shaped and concave pipes.

Technical Parameters

5 axis laser cutting machine Features

  • Efficient and accurate: It has the characteristics of fast speed and high precision, and is especially suitable for workpieces that have high requirements for processing accuracy and quality. This efficient processing method can bring significant economic benefits to enterprises.
  • Economical and energy-saving: compared with traditional processing equipment, it is more economical and practical. Long-term use can reduce enterprise production costs and energy consumption.
  • Strong flexibility: The equipment has high processing flexibility and can be quickly adjusted according to different processing needs to realize the processing of a variety of complex shapes to meet diverse user needs and adapt to market changes.
  • Environmental protection: It does not produce waste gas, waste water, soot and other pollutants, meets environmental protection requirements, and supports sustainable development.
  • High precision and high efficiency: The laser cutting machine can complete high-quality cutting in a short time, especially for workpieces with complex shapes, such as contours and welded structures in automobile Make cuts at different angles.


The cutting head can be swiveled

The cutting head has a large swing angle, and both axes can swing not less than ±50°, which can satisfy bevel cutting at any angle;

Aluminum alloy swing arm

The swing arm is made of high-strength aluminum alloy casting, which is light in weight and has good rigidity to ensure the flexibility of the swing axis during cutting;

Professional programming nesting software

Professional programming nesting software for nesting layout and programming of bevel cutting, easy to operate

Bevel cutting products

Various metal pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, hexagonal pipes, D-shaped pipes, waist pipes, oval pipes, rectangular pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc.


Automobile production: used for beveling of auto parts, body panels, suspension system parts, etc.

Shipbuilding: connection of hull plates and groove sealing of joint structures.

Grooving processing before welding: Before metal welding, the welding seam is grooved to improve the strength and quality of the welding joint.

Pipemaking: The joining of pipes and the precise fit of joints.

Steel structure processing: steel bridges, steel buildings, steel beams, etc.

Bevel processing before solution cladding: Bevel cutting of the metal substrate to better integrate the laser cladding layer and the substrate.

How Much is A Bevel 3D 5 axis laser cutting machine price

The price of a three-dimensional five-axis bevel laser cutting machine is generally around US$60,000-180,000. The higher the power, the higher the price. This is related to brand awareness, manufacturer’s strength, configuration, power size, etc.

Contact us to get the latest metal pipe laser cutting equipment prices and recommend a suitable pipe cutting machine for you.


Mainly suitable for carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and other different materials in various fields such as aerospace, automobile

The bevel laser cutting head has flexible operation and strong scalability; lightweight design, machine tool load; adopts reliable motor and reducer integrated hollow rotary actuator and stable structural design.

  • Angle bevel cutting, better splicing effect
  • When splicing and welding pipes, in order to achieve seamless jointing of the workpieces, there are certain bevel requirements for the cutting ports. The straight pipe cutting process of the traditional pipe cutting machine has problems such as large gaps, missing arcs and round pipes, etc. Subsequent splicing It is difficult to process and requires beveling again.
  • Subsequent processing is easier
  • Workpieces cut directly by traditional laser pipe cutting machines will have gaps during splicing. These gaps will cause obvious troubles to subsequent welding. They not only increase the welding workload, but also increase the difficulty of the welding process. Affect product quality.
  • Reduce labor and material costs
  • The bevel cutting process of the pipe laser cutting machine can achieve zero-gap welding. During the subsequent splicing process, there is no need to process again, which reduces the process and greatly reduces labor and material costs.
  • Breakthrough processing limits
  • Solve the four major problems of low processing accuracy, low efficiency, serious waste, and high cost
  • Realize benefits in the construction machinery industry

The cutting accuracy and speed of the bevel cutting machine are relatively slow and are suitable for scenes that do not require high cutting accuracy;
The bevel laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy and speed, and is suitable for scenes that require high cutting accuracy.

1. Efficient cutting of thick plate bevels

The bevel supports cutting metal plates with a thickness of about 30mm; compared with the traditional bevel cutting process, the efficiency of lzser cutting bevel plates is greatly improved.

2. Improvement of bevel cutting quality

The three-dimensional five-axis lser cutting head can support 45-degree bevel cutting and forming in one step without the need for secondary processing. The workpiece can be directly used for welding, effectively replacing traditional punching dies and trimming processes, shortening the production cycle and reducing manufacturing costs.

3. Stable production and batch processing

Using lzser cutting equipment for bevel cutting can effectively ensure cutting accuracy, stable cutting quality, and reduce processing errors. It is suitable for batch processing and production of bevel parts.

4. Reduce bevel processing costs

Traditional bevel parts processing requires a lot of manual labor to participate in cutting and grinding; using laser cutting equipment for cutting can help companies effectively reduce labor costs and time investment, thereby solving the problem of difficulty in recruiting workers and reducing production costs.

5.Support multi-type bevel cutting

This kind of bevel laser cutting equipment breaks through the conventional straight cutting method and supports cutting K, V, Y and other types of bevels, saving production processes, reducing welding difficulty, and thus improving sheet metal processing efficiency.


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