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fiber laser tube cutting machine

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Explore our wide range of metal tube laser cutting equipment, available in a variety of powers and sizes. Our brands are exported to India, the United States, Italy, Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Taiwan and other countries. Our products are suitable for metal materials, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, aluminum, iron, copper. Whether you want to cut circular, round, square, rectangular, angle steel, channel steel, etc., it is OK.

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Three chuck laser pipe cutting machine

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What is the fiber tube laser cutting machine price ?

Tube laser cutting machine price is generally around US$20,000-300,000. Because of the brand influence of the manufacturer and supplier, the degree of automation of the equipment, power, size, factory strength and other factors, the price of Chinese factories is higher than that of suppliers. The price is relatively cheaper. If it is a customized tube laser machine, the price will be more expensive.

What materials can CNC fiber laser tube cutting machine cut?

Stainless steel pipes, channel steel, iron pipes, copper pipes, aluminum pipes, galvanized pipes, and other pipes.
The shapes that the laser pipe cutting machine can cut include: T-shaped pipes, U-shaped pipes, oval tube, I-beams, round pipes, square pipes, flat pipes, and even special-shaped pipes.
The laser pipe cutting machine has the following functions: opening, bevel cutting, 45-degree cutting, connecting cutting, bevel cutting and cutting, hollowing and punching, etc.

Tube fiber laser cutting machine application areas

Stainless steel pipes, machinery manufacturing, elevators, sheet metal, kitchen equipment, chassis cabinets, machine tool equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting and processing and other industries.

The production and manufacturing of sheet metal can also be used in a variety of industries such as the production of advertising signs: laser pipe cutting machines are not limited to the cutting of metal pipes, but are also widely used in sheet metal processing, advertising production, household appliances, furniture, kitchen utensils, glasses, spring pieces, and many other fields

metal furniture

furniture industry

Laser tube cutting machines can be used to cut metal tubing or plastic tubing. Laser cutting is more precise than traditional cutting methods and can complete the cutting without damaging the pipe. The cnc laser tube cutter also provides a higher guarantee of smoothness and aesthetics in cutting furniture.

steel structure factory

Steel structure industry

In the steel structure manufacturing industry, tube cutting machines can be used to cut steel pipes of various specifications. It can be designed and cut through programs, reducing the uncertainty of manual measurement and cutting, improving production efficiency, and reducing waste.

car manufacturing

Car manufacturing

The laser pipe cutter can be used to cut pipes of different shapes, such as circles, ovals, etc. Laser cutting can leave readable marks on the pipe surface, which can be very useful in future traceability and quality control.

aerospace manufacturing

Aerospace Manufacturing

Metal tube laser cutting machine In the production of aero-engine jet pipes, laser cutting machines can be used to cut pipes of various sizes and shapes. Laser cutting machines for metal tubes can reduce material waste and errors, and improve cutting quality.

medical device

Medical device

Laser cutting metal tube machine can achieve extremely high cutting accuracy and reduce material waste. Cutting materials into desired sizes and shapes without contact greatly improves the

transportation industry

Transportation industry

In the construction of transportation facilities such as subways, high-speed rails, and urban light rails, laser pipe cutting machines are used to cut steel pipes of various shapes to optimize production and improve quality.


best c steel tube laser cutting machine factories in china

A high efficiency and high-precision laser technology that uses the energy generated by fiber laser to cut metal pipes.

Laser cutting machine metal tube consists of machine body, cutting stroke main card, machine head mechanism, pneumatic support feeding system, tail material processing system, sheet metal protection, integrated control cabinet, semi/fully automatic loading (can be customized on demand), It is composed of water cooling equipment, laser, customized laser cutting head, color LCD and other parts.

China cnc laser tube cutting machine production of pipe cutting equipment power 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 4000w 6000w, different manufacturers can also be customized.
Laser pipe cutting machine size 6m 9m 12m

6m economical laser tube cutting machine, automatic laser cutting tube machine, semi-automatic laser tube cutting machine, heavy-duty tube cutting equipment.

The thickness of laser cutting can reach 5mm to 20mm, and the higher power can be about 200mm. The configurations of special laser cutting machines for pipes are imported and domestic, and the required laser cutting machines can be configured according to different customer needs.

The upper limit of the thickness of stainless steel pipes that can be cut by the 3000w fully automatic circular tube laser cutting machine is about 10mm. The thickness of cutting high-reflective material pipes is about 8mm.

Trumpf laser tube cutting machine is one of the best tube laser cutting machine brands in the world, the best brand at present, because of its laser technology in the world’s leading position.

When buying discount steel tube laser cutting machine, you can combine the diameter of the pipe required for cutting in your own industry, the thickness of the pipe wall, the required cutting process and the daily processing amount to choose the laser cutting ability, the cutting length of the pipe, the quantity and weight to choose the laser cutting automation.

China fiber laser tube cutting machine factory is relatively well-known in Shandong Province: Bodor, Jinweike, Senfeng, Leapion, and Dowell Laser, all manufacturers with many years of production and manufacturing experience, exported to many overseas countries.


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