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H Shaped Laser Cutting Machine

High efficiency steel h shape laser cutting machine (h beam laser cutting machine secondary processing line)

Suitable for H shaped steel, I beam, channel steel and other profiles. It can be used for cutting, hole cutting, locking, beveling, marking and scribing in one machine.

Prices : $90,449.90 to $194,815.18


H Shaped Laser Cutting Machine / H Beam laser Cutting Machine cuts, punches, bevels, locks, and marks into one, automatically detects contours, automatically centers and finds edges, can punch holes on the side, and is 3 times more efficient than a gantry. Process a piece of steel in 10 minutes.

Open Section steel laser cutting video

H beam laser cutting automatic production line video

Section steel laser secondary processing line video

Technical Parameters


  • 1. High cutting precision: accurately complete the cutting of various complex graphics and contours, suitable for refined and fine-dimensional processing
  • 2. Efficiency: significantly shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs.
  • 3. Environmentally friendly: No contact with materials is required, reducing noise and pollution, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • 4. Highly customizable: It can be controlled through computer software, and customized cutting can be carried out according to customer needs to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Configuration details

Movable laser cutting head

Movable laser cutting head

Advanced control system, capable of secondary development, using laser sensors for precise control

Double workbench

Dual station workbench

Save cutting time, improve work efficiency, automatically search for materials and center, save space, and cut in sections

Tekla steel structure 3D modeling system

professional TEKLA system

Tekla steel structure 3D modeling system supports various tower connection forms bevel cutting processes

laser cutting examples

Suitable for metal materials, especially for cutting H-shaped steel (also known as I-beam or H-steel), such as channel steel, angle steel, carbon steel, to achieve multi-functional cutting, slotting and opening, graphics and text, etching, and bevel cutting Arc opening and other functions.

laser cutting machine uses application

1. Construction industry: in bridges, high-rise buildings and other structures. Quickly and accurately cut out the required H-beam parts, improving construction speed and reducing costs.
2. Bridge manufacturing: Accurately cut out H-beams of various shapes and sizes, ensuring high precision and efficiency in bridge manufacturing.
3. Large-scale equipment manufacturing: cranes, excavators, etc., H-shaped steel is the main support and transmission structure material.
4. Metal products industry: automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, etc., to enhance the production efficiency of the industry.

How Much is h shape laser cutting machine price cost

The price of H steel laser cutting machine ranges from $90,449.90  – $194,815.18. The price is different according to different power models. If you want to buy the most affordable and cheapest equipment, you can consult us.


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