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backpack laser cleaning machine

200w 300w laser cleaning machine for rust, paint, weld spatter, and oil


The launch of the 40,000W ultra-high power fiber laser cutting machine is undoubtedly a major breakthrough. In actual demonstrations, users can personally experience the many benefits of increasing laser power: the ability to cut thicker materials faster, with higher precision, and with better cutting quality. In addition, this high-power laser cutting machine also has higher economic benefits, helping laser processing manufacturers to broaden their market scope, further improve production efficiency and reduce costs.


Technical Specifications

200w fiber laser cleaning machine

300w fiber laser cleaning machine


200w pulse laser cleaning machine

Laser cleaning head

The laser head is small and lightweight, weighing less than 1.2 kilograms. It is equipped with an auxiliary bracket and a dust-proof protective mirror. It can be widely used in various handheld cleaning scenarios. The high-quality laser beam of this equipment can easily meet various high-precision cleaning needs.

Easy to carry on the go

Featuring a suitcase-style design, it can be easily moved. The drawbar can be folded for easy storage and transportation in a vehicle. When in use, you can open the lever and pull it to where you need to work

backpack laser cleaner


Can effortlessly cut through and perforate thick metal plates up to 100mm (3.94 inches) thick
Suitable for cutting stainless steel, mild steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, alloy steel, galvanized steel, titanium, nickel alloys, and more
Cutting thickness ranges: Stainless steel 1-100mm, Aluminum 1-80mm, Carbon steel 1-100mm, Brass 1-30mm


  • Automotive industry: to remove rust, paint, and weld spatter from car bodies
  • Aerospace industry: to clean aircraft components of contaminants
  • Manufacturing industry: to clean molds and tools of residue
  • Restoration industry: to clean historical artifacts of dirt and grime
  • Electronics industry: to clean circuit boards of solder paste

how does a fiber laser cleaning machine 200w work

  • The machine generates short, intense pulses of laser light in the infrared spectrum, typically using a Nd:YAG or fiber laser source.
  • When the laser pulse hits the surface, it instantly vaporizes a thin layer of the contaminant material through a process called laser ablation.
  • The rapid heating and expansion caused by the laser pulse creates a shockwave that dislodges and removes the remaining contaminant layer.
  • The laser beam can be adjusted in spot size, pulse frequency, and energy density to control the cleaning depth and speed for different materials and contamination levels.

How to buy 200w pulse laser cleaning machine

  • Laser power: The laser power determines the cleaning power of the machine. A higher power is required for removing stubborn contaminants.
  • Wavelength: The wavelength of the laser determines the type of contaminants it can remove. For example, Nd:YAG lasers are good for removing rust, while CO2 lasers are good for removing organic materials.
  • Pulse width: The pulse width of the laser determines the intensity of the laser pulse. A shorter pulse width is required for cleaning delicate materials.
  • Scan field size: The size of the scan field determines the size of the area that can be cleaned at once. A larger scan field is required for cleaning large areas.
  • Price: The price of a 200w laser cleaning machine can vary greatly depending on the features and power.


While the complete 200W laser cleaning machine can weigh anywhere from around 12kg to 58kg, the handheld cleaning head or gun itself is designed to be lightweight, typically ranging from 650g to 1.5kg for portability and ease of use.
The wide variation in overall machine weight likely depends on factors such as the inclusion of a portable enclosure, cooling system, power supply, and other components beyond just the laser cleaning head..

  • Always wear appropriate safety glasses.
  • Never look directly into the laser beam.
  • Keep the laser beam path clear of obstructions.
  • Do not operate the machine in the presence of flammable materials.
  • Have the machine serviced by a qualified technician at regular intervals.

Pulsed 200W fiber laser cleaning machines use short, high-power pulses of laser light to remove contaminants. CW 200W fiber laser cleaning machines use a continuous beam of laser light. Pulsed lasers are better for removing delicate contaminants, while CW lasers are better for removing thicker contaminants.

The most common wavelength for 200W fiber laser cleaning machines is 1064 nm. This wavelength is safe for most materials and is effective at removing a wide variety of contaminants.

The spot size of a 200W fiber laser cleaning machine is the diameter of the laser beam at the point where it hits the surface being cleaned. The spot size can be adjusted to control the cleaning precision. A smaller spot size will result in more precise cleaning, but it will also take longer to clean a large area.

The working distance of a 200W fiber laser cleaning machine is the distance between the laser head and the surface being cleaned. The working distance can be adjusted to control the power density of the laser beam. A shorter working distance will result in a higher power density, which can be more effective for removing stubborn contaminants.

The lifespan of a 200W fiber laser cleaning machine will depend on the quality of the machine and how it is used. With proper care and maintenance, a 200W fiber laser cleaning machine can last for many years.


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