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4 Methods for Laser Pipe Cutting Machine to Cut Too Small Round Holes

Tube laser cutting machine cutting round holes is not as simple as everyone thinks. Irregular round holes and insufficient verticality are also occasional things. Dowell tube laser cutting machine manufacturers give everyone an analysis of the reasons and precautions.

What to do if the round hole is too small?

  1. The quality of cutting round holes has certain requirements for the servo motor

A better solution for cutting round holes with a tube laser cutting machine is a round hole ratio of 1:1, which means that the ratio of the hole diameter to the plate thickness is 1:1. The larger the hole diameter, the easier it is to cut high-quality round holes.

  1. The servo motor parameters are not adjusted properly

The circular hole sometimes appears elliptical or irregular. This is related to the mismatch of X\Y axis movement, and the direct cause of the mismatch of X\Y axis movement is. Otherwise, when the energy of the fiber laser cutting machine is insufficient, the small holes will be easily cut and the broken points will remain and the round holes will not be round.

  1. The perfect cooperation between the craftsman and the machine

During the blowing process, when the air pressure is too low, slag scraping and carbonization will occur at the edges, and the holes will burst easily if the pressure is too high. Therefore, it is required to choose the right air pressure based on experience to make the cut round hole more full.

  1. The strength of the laser cutting machine manufacturer is related

The precision error of the guide rail and the lead screw will directly lead to the accuracy of the round hole not reaching the expected

Therefore, it is recommended that in the process of purchasing laser pipe cutting machines, try to choose high-quality and big-brand products. Pay attention to whether the precision, speed and other parameters of the circular hole of the laser pipe cutting machine meet the standard requirements to identify whether the quality of the laser pipe cutting machine purchased is satisfactory.




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