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Machine de découpe laser de tubes automatique de chargement et de déchargement

Automatische Rohrlaserschneidmaschine zu verkaufen

The loading and unloading automatic tube laser cutting machine produced by the Dowell laser cutting equipment manufacturer is convenient for feeding and unloading, simple to use and operate, fast cutting speed and high efficiency.

Automatische Rohrlaserschneidemaschine

The automatic pipe laser cutting machine can realize the cutting of various pipes. It can be started with one click, unattended, and easy to operate improving your production efficiency.

The automatic loading and unloading pipe cutting machine can cut round pipes and square pipes. It is equipped with a special cutting operating system. Simple operation, high precision and strong professionalism. Suitable for professional profile cutting. Widely used in sports equipment, petroleum pipelines, chemical equipment and other industries. Can cut carbon steel and stainless steel.

Segmented side-mounted bed has large load-bearing capacity, strong stability, and is convenient for transportation and loading and unloading;
Save labor and improve work efficiency;
Coaxial processing, high cutting precision and good operating performance.

side-mounted automatic tube laser cutting machine video

tube laser cutting machine video

Parameter configuration

Parameter configuration

1. Intelligent production: Automatic loading and unloading laser pipe cutting machine adopts numerical control programming system, simple operation, only need to import drawings to cut different hole shapes, cutting, pipe end oblique cutting, arc cutting, etc.

2. High processing accuracy: Compared with other products, the laser pipe cutting machine has higher cutting accuracy. Under normal circumstances, the cutting accuracy can be guaranteed to be within 0.05mm.

3. High efficiency and reduced costs: It can be produced and processed in batches, and most finished workpieces do not require secondary processing, which greatly improves production efficiency; at the same time, one person can operate multiple smart devices, which also saves labor costs for enterprises.

4. No burrs, no deformation: The laser head has no contact with the workpiece during operation and will not damage the surface of the pipe; the laser cutting speed is fast, the cutting section is smooth and flat, without burrs; the cutting heat-affected zone is small, which has little impact on the finished product and does not deform.

5. Wide range of applications: The laser pipe cutting machine can be used for cutting a variety of materials and is suitable for pipe processing in various industries.



Good quality, large shipment volume, long service life of 100,000 hours, good cutting effect, well received by customers (MAX.IPG optional)

Laser-Rohrschneidemaschine für Bettrahmen

Cast iron laser cutting bed

The bed is made of high plate welding and processed with aging to ensure the accuracy and stability of long-term operation.

Pneumatisches Spannfutter

Pneumatisches Spannfutter

The pneumatic chuck is supported front and rear, easy to install, suitable for square tubes, round tubes, special-shaped tubes, improving work efficiency

Special cutting head for pipes

water chiller(Prezite, Raytools optional)

Pneumatisches Spannfutter

Pipe cutting system

Excellent performance, automatic optimization, support for commonly used cutting software, strong editing ability, cutting of round pipes, track type, oval pipes and other channel steel and angle steel

Bevel cutting metal pipe

Optional bevel cutting function

Optional pipe fitting machine bevel cutting function can perform ±45° bevel cutting on metal pipes, providing a one-stop cutting solution


This machine is divided into two parts: laser cutting machine and intelligent feeding machine. First, the materials are simply arranged into the intelligent feeder. During cutting, the system automatically and continuously feeds. Automatically fixed-length feeding. Two raw materials are automatically identified and cut off.

Simple and unique feeding method, when the tube is in the feeder and can not continue to feed, the subsequent tube will continue to push the current tube to continue feeding to complete the tail material cutting. The machine normally cuts the tail material ≤40mm, which is far lower than most models in the market. The 300mm tail material value reduces material loss and eliminates tail material processing procedures.

The DOWELL tube laser cutting machine is a 4-axis linkage, which can meet the needs of all cutting styles in the market. The X / Y / Z axis can simultaneously control the running track of the laser head, and a single feeding can complete multiple cutting actions during continuous cutting, which saves the feeding time and improves the production efficiency.

laser cutting examples sample

Stainless steel, carbon steel, zinc steel, aluminum alloy, copper, alloy and other metal pipes


Bathroom industry, furniture industry, automobile exhaust pipe manufacturers, fitness equipment, oil pipelines, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, engineering machinery, bridges, ships, household appliances manufacturing and other industries.

DOWELL automatic tube laser cutting machine factory

The specific configuration of the fully automatic loading and unloading laser pipe cutting machine is customized according to the actual needs of users, so different models of fully automatic loading and unloading laser pipe cutting machines have different configurations. The same model of fully automatic loading and unloading laser pipe cutting machine has a large price difference due to different configurations. 


The cost of an automatic laser pipe cutting machine can vary widely based on several factors including its capabilities, the type of laser used, the machine’s size, and the manufacturer.

Laser cutting is known for its high level of accuracy and precision, making it a preferred method in various industries for cutting a wide range of materials. The accuracy of laser cutting can be influenced by several factors, including the type of laser, the material being cut, the thickness of the material, and the quality of the machine.

We have a dedicated design team that can customize the laser pipe cutting machine according to your needs

The speed is too fast, the quality of the light spot is poor, the gas pressure is insufficient, the light path system is unstable, the cutting conditions are improper, and the cutting material is not suitable

china automatic tube laser cutting machine suppliers

If you need to know about the fully automatic loading and unloading laser pipe cutting machine, please communicate with the DOWELL LASER staff. After confirming the product model and specific configuration, DOWELL LASER will provide you with accurate price details.


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