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Top 20 China Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factory

For many customers who purchase laser cutting equipment, it is a headache to find a suitable laser equipment factory. This article lists 20 famous CNC fiber laser cutting machine factories in China. I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Top 20 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factories in China

Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Website: Hans Laser

Han’s Laser is a leading global provider of laser cutting systems, specializing in cutting-edge technologies for diverse industrial applications. They are known for their commitment to innovation and precision.

Shanghai Unity Prima Laser Machinery Co., Ltd.

Website: Unity Prima Laser

Unity Prima is a Shanghai based Hersteller known for producing high quality laser cutting machines. Their solutions emphasize precision, efficiency, and reliability across various industries.

Golden Laser (Wuhan) Tech Co., Ltd.

Website: Goldener Laser

Golden Laser, located in Wuhan, is a technology-driven company focusing on research and development in the field of laser technology. They offer a range of CNC fiber laser cutting solutions for industrial applications.

Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd.

Website: Bodor-Laser

Bodor CNC is a Jinan-based Unternehmen specializing in the production of fiber laser cutters. They are recognized for providing efficient and reliable Lösungen for metal processing. 

Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. (HG Laser)

Website: HG Laser

HG Laser, based in Wuhan, is a comprehensive provider of fiber laser cutter equipment, offering a wide range of solutions for industries requiring precision cutting and engraving.

Shenzhen DNE Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Website: DNE Laser

DNE Laser, located in Shenzhen, is a leading Hersteller of steel laser cuttings. They focus on delivering cutting edge solutions that enhance efficiency and accuracy in metal Herstellung.

HE Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: HE Laser

HE Laser is known for its innovative laser technologies and manufacturing solutions. They contribute to advancements in laser processing machines and engraving processes, ensuring high precision and reliability.

Jinan JinQiang Laser CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Website: JQ Laser

JQ Laser, based in Jinan, specializes in the production of stainless steel laser cutting machines and CNC equipment. Their Lösungen cater to various industries, providing cutting-edge technology.

tuyau de découpe au laser
tuyau de découpe au laser

Leapion Machinery Co., Ltd.

Website: Leapion Laser

Leapion Machinery is a Hersteller of CNC fiber laser processing, tube laser cutting, emphasizing precision and reliability. They serve industries such as advertising, woodworking, and metal processing.

Nanjing Speedy Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: Speedy Laser

Speedy Laser, located in Nanjing, focuses on the development and production of high-quality laser cutting machines. Their solutions contribute to precision cutting across various materials.

LVD Company

Website: LVD Group

LVD is a global leader in sheet metalworking machinery, including laser stainless steel cutting systems. They are known for advanced technology and comprehensive solutions for metal fabrication.

Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd.

Website: Prima CNC

Prima CNC Machinery specializes in the production of CNC machines, including laser cutting machines. Their solutions cater to a diverse range of metal processing needs.

Krrass (Anhui) Machinery Co., Ltd.

Website: Krrass

Krrass, based in Anhui, is a manufacturer of sheet metal processing machinery, including laser cutting machines. They focus on providing efficient and reliable Lösungen for various industries. 

Wuhan Lead Laser Co., Ltd.

Website: Bleilaser

Lead Laser, located in Wuhan, is dedicated to the development and production of laser cutting machines. Their Lösungen are known for their precision in cutting various materials.

Maxphotonics Co., Ltd.

Website: Maxphotonics

Maxphotonics is a leading provider of fiber laser sources and Lösungen. They contribute to the laser cutting industry by supplying high-quality laser sources for cutting machines.

Jinan Senfeng Technology Co., Ltd.

Website: Senfeng-Laser

Senfeng Technology specializes in the Herstellung of laser cutting machines and CNC routers. They provide cutting-edge Lösungen for various industrial applications.

Shandong Leiming CNC Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

Website: Leiming Laser

Leiming Laser, based in Shandong, is known for its CNC laser cutting machines. They emphasize precision and reliability, offering Lösungen for metal processing and signage.

Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd.

Website: Goldener Laser

Golden Laser, based in Wuhan, focuses on the research and development of laser Lösungen. They contribute to advancements in cutting, engraving, and marking technologies.

Wuhan HE Laser Engineering Co., Ltd.

Website: HE Laser

HE Laser Engineering, located in Wuhan, is dedicated to the development and production of laser processing equipment, including cutting machines. They play a significant role in advancing laser technology.

Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co.,Ltd


DOWELL Laser, headquartered in Jinan, Shandong, is a laser cutting machine, ultra-heavy tube laser cutter and tube laser cutting machine Hersteller with 15 years of Herstellung experience. Their Lösungen are suitable for industries such as electronics and advertising, demonstrating a commitment to technological innovation.

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Choose Top China Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Factories

  • Laser Cutting Machine Quality Top-notch factories ensure high precision and accuracy in every cut, meeting industry standards.
  • Whether cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions can meet diverse industrial needs.
  • The efficiency and reliability of fiber laser cutting machines make them stand out in the market.
  • By evaluating factors such as technological advancement, production capabilities, and customer reviews, you can determine the best China metal fiber laser cutting machine factory that meets your requirements.

Analyzing Quality Certifications and Standards Compliance

When choosing a fiber laser cutting machine factory, you must check whether they adhere to quality certifications and standard compliance.

Choosing a CNC fiber laser cutting machine supplier that meets internationally recognized standards ensures precision and reliability in the manufacturing process.

Top metal fiber laser cutting machine factories in China prioritize quality certifications such as ISO 9001 to prove their commitment to maintaining high standards. Complying with industry regulations and certifications gives confidence in the performance and durability of your product.

By evaluating a factory’s compliance with quality certifications and standards, customers can make an informed decision when selecting a fiber laser cutting machine supplier that values production excellence.

Price of Top Metal Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China

When comparing the pricing models of the top metal fiber laser cutting machine factories in China, it is crucial to consider various factors. These fiber laser machine manufacturers offer a range of pricing structures based on machine specifications, technological advancements, and additional features. Understanding fiber laser cutting machine factory pricing models can help companies make informed decisions.

Factors such as brand awareness, watts fiber laser, laser cutting head brand, production capacity, equipment configuration and software integration have a great impact on the price of fiber laser machine manufacturers. By analyzing the prices of these 20 Chinese metal fiber laser cutting machine factories, we can better help companies find the most reasonable and ideal suppliers at the most affordable prices.

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