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How to Choose Best Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

A fiber laser cutting machine is a device that uses a fiber laser to perform cutting. It features fast cutting speed, high cutting precision, and good cutting quality, and is widely used in sheet metal processing, mechanical manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, and other industries.

With the continuous development of fiber laser technology, the performance of fiber laser cutting machines is getting higher and higher, and the price is becoming more and more affordable. Therefore, more and more Firmen and individuals are choosing to use the best cnc fiber laser cutting machine.

So, what are the best fiber laser metal cutting machines in 2024?

Selection Criteria

Wann selecting the best fiber laser cutting machine, we need to consider the following factors:

  • Cutting performance: including cutting speed, cutting precision, cutting quality, etc.
  • Preis: The price of fiber laser cutting machines ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You need to choose according to your budget.
  • After-sales Service: Fiber laser cutting machines are precision equipment that requires regular maintenance. Therefore, it is very important to choose a Hersteller that provides high-quality after-sales Service.

Recommended Models

Based on the above selection criteria, we recommend the following fiber optic laser cutters:

  • High-power fiber laser cutting machine: Suitable for cutting thick plates, high-hardness, and difficult-to-process materials. Recommended models: Trumpf TruLaser 8000, Bystronic ByStar Fiber 12kW, Amada ENSIS-AJ 12kW.
  • Medium-power fiber laser cutting machine: Suitable for cutting medium-thickness plates and conventional materials. Recommended models: IPG Photonics YLS-5000, Maxphotonics Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6000W, Raycus Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 4000W.
  • Low-power fiber laser cutting machine: Suitable for cutting thin plates and soft materials. Recommended models: Jinan HGTECH Laser 1500W, G. Weike Technology Co., Ltd. Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1000W, Boss Laser FC-6012.

Purchase Suggestions

Wann purchasing a fiber optic laser cutting machine, in addition to considering the above factors, you must choose according to your actual needs. For example, if you need to cut thick plates, you need to choose a high-power fiber laser cutter machine; if you need to cut thin plates, you can choose a low-power fiber laser cutters.

In addition, you also need to investigate the manufacturer of the fiber laser cutting machine and choose a Hersteller with a good reputation and after-sales Service.


Fiber laser cutting machines are efficient and precise cutting equipment widely used in various industries. Wann purchasing a fiber laser cutting machine, you need to consider cutting performance, price, after-sales Service, and other factors to choose the most suitable model for you.




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