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best China industrial metal laser cutting machine

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Discover the best metal laser cutting machine in China. Bringing you the latest and best laser cutting equipment from leading brands, such as industrial fiber laser cutting machine, high power laser cutting machine, heavy duty laser cutting equipment, our completed laser cutting equipment provides you with a one-stop metal cutting solution, including entry-level best laser cutter for beginners, whether you are looking for sheet metal laser equipment, in our dozens of laser equipment, you can find the right equipment.

fiber laser cutting machine factory

meilleure machine de découpe laser de tôle à vendre

DOWELL Laser has 15 years of manufacturing experience. We can provide you with 10w+ high-power laser cutting machines, large-format laser cutting machines, thick steel plate laser cutting equipment and other products, with power 6000w-60kw for you to choose from.

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1000w 2000w 3000w small laser cutting machine

1000W 2000W 3000W metal laser cutting equipment, mainly suitable for cutting thin plates, with high cutting accuracy and fast speed.Lathe bed 3015/4015/4025/6025/8025/12025 can be customized

6kw 10kw 12kw laser cutting sheet metal machine

The 6000 watt laser cutting machine can cut aluminum alloy plates up to 40mm, stainless steel plates up to 50mm, and can cut carbon steel at a fast bright surface cutting speed of 18~20mm/s, which is twice the normal standard cutting speed.

15kw 20kw 30kw High power fiber laser cutting machine

Power above 15kw, suitable for cutting thick steel plates, suitable for ship manufacturing, heavy machinery production, precision cutting of steel plates with a thickness of more than 20mm.

By bed table

single table laser cutting machine for metal

Single laser cutting machine 1000w-6000w can meet the cutting needs of different users, with fast cutting speed, high precision and beautiful model.

Exchange Dual Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Improve production efficiency, realize automatic continuous cutting, no need to stop the machine to replace materials, and greatly shorten the processing time.

Fully enclosed laser cutting machine

It adopts a fully enclosed structure to effectively isolate the smoke and odor generated during the cutting process, ensuring the health and safety of operators.

By Cutting sheet shapes

4 x 8 Flated steel laser cutting machine

4 ft x 8 ft or 5 ft x 10 ft sheet metal. It can quickly cut many metals with cuts less than 25um (0.001"): alloy/carbon/stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium.

3D 5-axis fiber laser cutting machine

Laser 3D 5 axis high quality, high precision, high efficiency, no need for secondary processing, suitable for cutting edges and holes of steel structures, automobile panels, etc.!

Machine de découpe laser grand format

Large format laser cutting equipment mainly has table sizes of 6020, 8025, 12025, 14025 and other sizes, and is floor-rail type, which saves loading and unloading time.

best metal tube laser cutting machine for sale

DOWELL factory in 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w 6000w laser cutting machine metal tube, suitable for round, square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, etc., the material is suitable for aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, we can wholesale custom 6m 9m 12m pipe , ,Provide the most competitive prices on the market.

china discount 6m metal tube fiber laser cutting machine

1000W 2000W 3000W 6000w fiber laser metal tube cutting machine, cutting stainless steel round tubes, rectangular tubes, suitable for industrial market, fitness industry, kitchen industry

cheapest metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

It can cut plates and pipes. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, improving work efficiency and saving capital costs for manufacturing factories.

Heavy duty laser pipe cutting machine

Cutting heavy metal pipes can achieve smooth loading and unloading of heavy pipes of different lengths, sizes and shapes, with higher stability and stronger shock resistance.

Laser cutting metal sheet video

china metal tube and plate fiber laser cutting machine

cnc 3015 metal laser cutting machine

china metal tube laser cutting machine

combien coûte le prix de la machine de découpe de métal au laser CNC

The price of 1000w-60kw industrial sheet metal laser cutting in manufacturing factories is generally around US$20,000-300,000, depending on the company’s brand awareness, configuration, cutting power, laser cutting machine body, after-sales service, etc. The higher the power, the higher the price of small laser cutting equipment. Household metal laser cutting machines are cheaper than industrial equipment.

Si vous souhaitez connaître le prix spécifique de la machine de découpe de métal au laser à fibre, vous pouvez consulter l' usine de fabrication ou le fournisseur et obtenir les dernières devis de la machine de découpe de métal au laser CNC.

What material is CNC metal laser cutter suitable for?

L'équipement de découpe laser des métaux convient à l'acier au carbone, à l'acier inoxydable, à l'alliage d'aluminium, au laiton, au cuivre, aux plaques décapées, aux plaques galvanisées, aux plaques d'acier au silicium, aux plaques électrolytiques, aux alliages de titane, aux alliages de manganèse et à d'autres matériaux métalliques. Pour les matériaux à haute réflectivité, tels que les alliages d’or, d’argent, de cuivre et d’aluminium, car ils sont également de bons conducteurs de chaleur, la découpe laser est difficile, voire impossible.

Laser cutting sheet metal

Laser Cutting Metal Pipe

Laser cutting applications

Le système de découpe laser des métaux peut être utilisé pour découper des plaques métalliques, des tuyaux et des profilés.
Including electronic product manufacturing, household products manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment manufacturing, financial card manufacturing, text printing, art production, construction engineering, machinery manufacturing and biological research, etc.

meubles en métal

Metal furniture industry

The metal furniture industry generally uses 3000w 6000w Laser cutting system.
In wood board cutting, CO2 is used. CO2 is an optical fiber that was earlier used in laser cutting and is generally used in non-metal cutting.
The fiber metal laser cutting machine used for metal sheet cutting has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, arbitrary adjustment of size and depth, high precision, fast speed, smooth cutting without burrs, automatic typesetting to save materials, and no mold consumption. It can improve processing efficiency, realize diversification and multi-functionality of furniture products, and help manufacturers improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
industrie du fitness

industrie du fitness

The fitness equipment industry has extremely high precision requirements for equipment.

Fitness equipment metal laser cutting machines can accurately cut out various complex shapes through high-precision optical systems and high-speed cutting heads to ensure that the structure and function of the equipment are accurate.

Fitness equipment involves a variety of materials, such as steel, aluminum alloy, plastic, etc. Laser cutting machines can efficiently cut different materials, which not only ensures cutting efficiency, but also fully takes into account the characteristics of the materials, providing guarantee for the production of higher-quality fitness equipment.

jewelry industry

jewelry industry

Laser cutting technology can cut raw materials such as metal sheets, plastics, leather, and glass according to designed contours with an accuracy of up to 0.01 mm, making jewelry production more precise.

No mechanical contact is required, thus significantly reducing material loss and mechanical wear.

kitchenware industry

kitchenware industry

Kitchen and bathroom products are updated rapidly and the market demand is large. Many manufacturers use kitchenware metal laser cutting machines, which not only have fast processing speed, high efficiency, and simple operation, but also can complete plate cutting of various shapes without changing molds or cutting tools. The preparation time cycle is shortened and a lot of consumable costs and labor costs are saved.

Our custom laser metal cutting machine

We have never stopped working hard to introduce affordable metal laser cutting equipment 

laser metal cutting machine

Standard routine 3015 economical metal laser cutting machine

Dowell Laser has many years of manufacturing experience. We provide high quality laser cutting equipment. We are not agents who provide complete technical support to ensure the normal use of the equipment.

metal laser cutting machines

non-standard 1325 CNC metal laser cutting machine

We have professional design and development personnel, who can customize unconventional precision equipment according to your needs, such as DIY, 1325, 2525 and other laser equipment. The appearance, size, configuration, etc. can meet your customized requirements according to your needs.

Fiber metal laser cutting machine solutions

We have never stopped working hard to introduce affordable metal laser cutting equipment to help your business save labor costs and improve efficiency by improving the practicality and efficiency of fiber laser cutting equipment.

Our equipment goes through assembly, testing, debugging and other work processes by professional technicians before shipment. It is shipped after passing the test to ensure that your equipment reaches your hands neatly and with perfect performance.

We can add your ideas to the equipment. The appearance, color, bed size, power, configuration, etc. of the metal laser cutting equipment can be customized. We can also provide you with different laser cutting customization solutions to meet your needs.


Sheet metal laser cutter machine is a kind of laser technology used to cut metal sheet accurately, mainly used in industrial manufacturing process to cut metal sheet or pipe.

The working principle of CNC laser cutter for metal is to irradiate the focused laser beam onto the surface of the metal material, and heat, melt or vaporize the metal material through the high-energy heat of the laser, thereby achieving clean and accurate cutting.

Laser cutting machines can be classified according to different standards. Here are several common classification methods:

According to laser type

Laser cutting machines can be divided into fiber laser cutting machines, CO2 laser cutting machines, semiconductor laser cutting machines, etc.

According to power

High power laser cutting machine, medium power laser cutting machine, low power laser cutting machine, etc.

Cut material 

Metal laser cutting machine and non-metal laser cutting machine

Cut according to the geometry of the plate

Planar laser cutting machine and three-dimensional laser cutting machine

Cut according to the format of the plate

Standard format laser cutting machine and non-standard ultra-large format laser cutting machine

According to the structure of the cutting machine

Cantilever laser cutting machine, gantry laser cutting machine, etc.

Laser cutting machine size

Small laser cutting machine and large laser cutting machine

Choosing the best fiber laser cutting machine should be based on the thickness of the cutting plate, the cutting material, the selection of the appropriate laser cutting power, the brand of accessories and the after-sales services of the manufacturer.

The cost of metal laser cutting machines can vary widely depending on factors such as the machine’s power and capabilities, brand reputation, additional features, and after-sales support. Entry-level desktop laser cutters may start from a few thousand dollars, while industrial-grade machines with higher power and precision can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DOWELL metal laser cutting machine suppliers export to 80+ countries such as South Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc. We are looking for agents around the world and provide you with the most affordable market prices.

No, the CNC metal laser cutter is mainly used to cut metal sheets and metal pipes, and the CO2 laser cutting machine for non-metal is used to cut wood, leather, glass, acrylic, etc.

Laser Power (W)Maximum Thickness for Cutting (mm)
500wCarbon Steel: 6  Stainless Steel: 3  Aluminum & Copper: 2
1000wCarbon Steel: 10 Stainless Steel: 5 Aluminum & Copper: 3
2000wCarbon Steel: 16 Stainless Steel: 8 Aluminum & Copper: 5
3000wCarbon Steel: 1-22 Stainless Steel: 1-25
4000wCarbon Steel: 1-22 Stainless Steel: 1-25
6000wCarbon Steel: ~30 Stainless Steel: ~20

Oui, LASER À CHEVILLES has 15 years of manufacturing experience and can OEM metal laser cutting machines, large-format laser cutting equipment, high-power 10,000-watt laser cutting machines, laser pipe cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines and other products.

Metal lazer cutter has three grades: high, high and low.
High power: 10kw 12kw 15kw 20kw 30kw 60kw
Medium power: 6000w 8000w
Low power: 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w

With the rapid development of laser technology, higher-power devices will emerge.

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