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Applications of Precision Laser Cutting Machines in China

With the rapid development of science and technology, the market demand for high precision laser cutting machines is increasing, especially for small-size format equipment, there are more and more customer applications.

small fiber laser cutting machine
small fiber laser cutting machine

How Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Works

China Precision Laser Cutting Machine Application

Decoration industry: Laser fiber cutting machines are used to process complex graphics quickly and efficiently to achieve customization in the decoration industry.
Otomotiv endüstrisi: These precision metal laser cutting machines are used for precise cutting of automotive metal parts, increasing productivity and safety.
Advertising Industry: Laser cutting machines are suitable for producing high-quality metal products for advertising purposes due to their high customization efficiency.
Kitchenware industry: In the kitchenware industry, laser cutting tools are very suitable for cutting thin stainless steel, with fast cutting speed, high precision, and smooth cutting surface, allowing customized product development.
Lighting industry: Laser cutting tools are used to cut metal plates and pipes in the production of outdoor lighting fixtures, providing efficient and personalized cutting solutions.
Sheet Metal Processing: Laser cutting tools excel at processing sheet metal and pipes with high efficiency and reliability.
Fitness Equipment Industry: The fitness equipment industry benefits from laser cutting technology to meet demanding processing requirements and improve product quality.
Home appliance industry: Laser cutting tools play a vital role in modernizing home appliance manufacturing processes, improving product quality, and reducing production costs.

lazer kesim

Customized High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Do you also want to customize precision fiber laser cutting machine? Dowell Laser has professional technicians to provide OEM ODM services.

Customization options:

Work Area: Specify the size of the work area required to accommodate typical materials and project dimensions.
Lazer Gücü: Choose a laser power level that balances your desired cutting speed and material thickness capabilities with budgetary considerations. Higher power can cut thicker materials faster, but costs more.
Dalga boyu: Choose a wavelength optimized for the specific metals you plan to cut most often. For some materials, different wavelengths may provide varying degrees of accuracy and cutting efficiency.
Automated features: Consider incorporating features such as automated material loading/unloading systems, nesting software to optimize material usage, and autofocusing systems to increase efficiency and productivity.

High precision capabilities:

Fiber Lazer Teknolojisi: Fiber lasers provide superior beam quality for extremely precise cuts and minimized heat-affected zones, ideal for intricate jewelry designs or fine details on metal surfaces.
Advanced Control Systems: These machines utilize advanced control systems to ensure precise laser positioning and consistent cutting accuracy across the entire work area.
Repeatability: High accuracy means consistent and repeatable results, which is critical to maintaining quality control in high-volume production runs.

Benefits of customization:

Optimized performance: Machines tailored to your specific needs ensure the best cutting performance for your specific materials and applications.
Increased efficiency: Automated features can significantly improve workflow efficiency and reduce production time.
Reduce waste: Precise cutting minimizes material waste, resulting in cost savings and environmentally friendly production practices.
Artan verimlilik: High-precision cutting and automated features help increase overall production speed and output.

3015 fiber lazer kesim makinesi
3015 fiber lazer kesim makinesi

Looking for a Custom High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine:

Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers: Many manufacturers offer customization options for their fiber laser cutting machines. Discuss your specific requirements with them to find the best fit.
Industrial automation companies: These companies may focus on integrating automation features such as material handling systems and nesting software into existing laser cutting machines.


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