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20KW Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Made in China

The 20000W fiber laser cutting machine is not an ordinary metal cutting machine. It’s a powerful powerhouse that tackles the toughest jobs. Ready to revolutionize your metalworking? A 20000W fiber laser cutting machine may be perfect for your heavy-duty projects.

3015 cnc fiber lazer kesim makinesi

Advantages of 20kw laser cutting machine:

Unmatched Cutting Power: This machine can make clean cuts through thick sheets of metal like they were made of butter with its laser power of up to 20,000 watts. Do you mean carbon steel thickness up to 60 mm? No issue there! It resists various metals hence very suitable for heavy duty applications.

Benefits of Fiber Lasers: Forget about CO2 Laser. The fastest cutting speeds and superior cut quality are provided by this machine using the latest fiber laser technology. Imagine having clean and accurate edges that are not affected by heat – this is what makes the difference between fiber lasers and other types.

A combination of speed and precision: With an advanced CNC control system coupled with a high-speed servo motor, it guarantees highly precise as well as efficient cutting operations. Now, you don’t have to choose between quality and fastness because this system offers both together.

Large working space means great opportunities: Having a large project? The machine has been designed with several meters long x wide platform area up to 6000mm x 2200mm. Is it that you have to shred those expanded metal sheets? If yes then this one will work best for you.

Enhanced Specifications for Optimal Performance: These enhancements include auto-focus cutting head among others which optimizes performance during operation thus ensuring consistent high-quality cuts every time.

No boundaries where metals are involved. Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass- name any type metals that the machine cannot cut! It is all under one roof when it comes to fulfilling your different kinds of metal cutting requirements.

Industry Momentum: Machine manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction sectors are some industries that consider these machines game changers; compared with traditional methods, it offers a quick, accurate and cost-efficient solution for cutting of thick metals.

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How much 20000w fiber laser cutting machine cost

  • Pricing: Multiple sources, including and, showcased the machine’s capabilities but kept pricing details under wraps.
  • Laser source pricing: AliExpress provides an overview of laser source pricing, listing a 20,000W fiber laser source at $25,000 to $380,000, depending on configuration.
  • Supplier List: General supplier websites such as list fiber laser cutting machines in a wide price range, ranging from $77,537.60 to $110,768.00, and may include 20,000W models.
  • Educated estimate: Based on this information, we can estimate the price of a 20,000W fiber laser cutting machine to range from $77,537.60 to $110,768.00.

Factors affecting the cost of 20kw fiber laser machine

  • Specific models: Different models from different manufacturers have different features and functions, which affects the price.
  • Machine Features: Advanced features such as a larger work area, automatic loading system or higher precision cutting head will increase the cost.
  • Suppliers: Prices may fluctuate depending on the supplier you choose.
  • High-End Reflection: The upper end of this range (around $380,000) likely represents more complex, larger industrial machines designed for heavy-duty applications.

Find the perfect fit: While exact pricing may not be available upfront, contacting potential suppliers and discussing your specific needs will help you determine the most cost-effective 20000W fiber laser cutting machine that best suits your requirements.

lazer kesim 20mm karbon çeliği
lazer kesim 20mm karbon çeliği

What materials can be cut with a 20000w metal laser cutting machine

A 20000W fiber laser cutting machine is not just any other metal cutter; it is built to handle heavy-duty tasks by effortlessly slashing through thick sheets of metal, achieving depths as much as 60mm for some materials. Here’s Ne it can do:

Carbon Steel: This tool slices through carbon steel like a knife through butter going up to an amazing thickness of 60mm.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum & Brass: For these common metals, you can go up to 50mm in thickness with this cutting wizardry that makes it suitable for various applications.

Beyond the Basics: But that is not all; the machine cuts effectively also into different metals such as copper, alloy of titanium, galvanized steel, electrolytic plate, silicon steel and even aluminum zinc plates.

Thickness of the materials can be cut with 20000w fiber laser cutting machine

The Carbon Steel Champion: This machine is the best for carbon steel and can cut a maximum thickness of 60mm.

Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass: The capability of cutting these general metals is still amazing with about 50mm thickness.

Power and Precision: High output power of a laser beam – 20,000W combined with fiber-based laser technology allows efficient work on these huge sizes while providing better cuts at higher speeds than CO2 lasers.

20000W fiber laser cutting machine is unparalleled when it comes to dealing with thick metals. The upper limit for carbon steel is 60mm whereas it’s around 50mm for other common alloys making this a powerful solution for use in heavy duty industrial fabrication where thicker materials have to be machined.

15kw fiber laser cutting mahcine
30kw fiber laser cutting mahcine

20KW VS 30KW fiber laser cutting machine

Compared with similar 20,000W products, the 30,000W fiber laser cutting machine takes metal processing to a new level. What sets it apart is the following:

Cutting Thicker Materials: The 30000W machine can cut thicker metal sheets. For carbon steel, its maximum cutting thickness can reach 80mm, which is a significant leap forward from the 60mm limit of the 20000W model.
Enhanced metal versatility: Stainless steel, aluminum, and brass also benefit from increased power. The 30,000W laser can handle these materials up to approximately 60-70mm thick, exceeding the 50mm limit of the 20,000W model.
Raw Power Advantage: Higher 30,000W laser power cuts thicker metal more efficiently than a 20,000W machine. Imagine cutting through sturdier materials effortlessly.
Faster: Get ready to produce faster! For similar material thicknesses, the 30,000W laser cuts 30-40% faster than the 20,000W model. This will bring significant efficiency gains to your project.

The 30000W fiber laser cutting machine has achieved a major upgrade in cutting capabilities. Its ability to handle thicker materials increases versatility on a variety of metals and increases cutting speeds, making it a powerhouse for heavy-duty industrial applications.


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