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What Is CNC Laser Cutting Machine

With the rapid development of the industrial market, especially the sheet metal processing industry, CNC laser cutting machines have developed rapidly. Because of their high cutting accuracy, fast speed and labor saving, they are deeply favored by business owners. Teammates know how to do junior laser cutting. What The question of Is CNC Laser Cutting Machine is not very clear, so I hope this article can help you.

What Is CNC Laser Cutting Machine

CNC laser cutting machine is a CNC equipment that uses high-energy heat generated by laser to efficiently cut metal sheets.

CNC laser cutting machine can cut metal, wood, leather, acrylic, plastic and other materials.

How cnc laser cutting machine works

CNC laser cutting machine is a type of cutting machine commonly used in the industrial field. It is operated by CNC. When using it, enter the system after turning on the machine, input the program to be processed into the CNC according to the task plan, and then try cutting the first piece. After passing the inspection, start Just mass production.

1.Start up

(1) Check whether there are any obstacles on the machine tool work surface that may affect the X, Y, Z axis return to zero of the machine tool. If necessary, remove them.

(2) Prepare various gases required for cutting, and adjust the pressure to the appropriate value as required; for example, the pressure of oxygen for cutting should be adjusted to between 0.4-0.5MP, and the pressure of nitrogen should be adjusted to 1.8~2.2MP ( Note: The pressure will change according to the thickness of the cutting plate. Use small air pressure for thin plates and high air pressure for thick plates.)

(3) Open the drain valve of the air compressor gas tank to drain the sewage in the tank, then close the drain valve and start the air compressor (the loading and unloading pressure of the air compressor should be set to 0.8MP and 1MP).

(4) Start the voltage regulator (set the voltage regulator value to 380~400V).

(5) Start the condenser (function: to cool the gas generated by the air compressor, dry it and transport it to each reflective lens).

6) Start the chiller to check whether the water level and water pressure are normal, and turn on the cooling water and normal temperature water. The cooling water pressure should be set to about 0.5MP, and the upper limit temperature should be set to 20 degrees. The normal temperature water pressure is around 0.3MP, and the upper limit temperature is set to 30 degrees in summer and 25 degrees in other seasons.

(7) Turn on the high-purity nitrogen (purity ≥99.999℅) input into the laser with a pressure greater than 0.4MP, high-purity carbon dioxide (purity ≥99.999℅) with a pressure greater than 0.4MP, and high-purity helium (purity ≥99.999℅) with a pressure greater than 0.4MP. The pressure is greater than 0.4MP.

(8) Start the laser.

(9) Turn on the machine tool, enter the system, release the emergency stop button and reset the alarm, return the machine tool to the reference point (SET ZERO), light the CLC button, light the laser start button (LASER ON), and observe the display on the laser cabinet panel. (HV READY) will light up the high voltage on button (HV ON) on the CNC panel.

(10) According to the task plan, input the program to be processed into the CNC to implement processing and production.

2.Production and processing process

(1) Determine the production plan according to the arrangement, and issue processing drawings to the entire equipment operation group.

(2) According to the plan, the drawing staff will analyze the drawings and draw them with CAD according to the drawing requirements.

(3) The quality inspector confirms the correctness of the drawings drawn by the draftsman.

(4) Based on the electronic drawings, the production supervisor will calculate the processing completion time and prepare the materials required for processing and the cutting auxiliary gas used.

(5) Programmers use FasfCAM programming software to prepare “.MPF” format files for CNC operation.

(6) The supervisor issues a task order to the equipment operator (the task order contains the following: program name of the workpiece, material type, material thickness, maximum length and width of the workpiece to be processed, and the number of workpieces required.)

(7) The first piece of trial cutting is sent to the quality inspector for inspection. After confirming that the size is qualified, the first piece is archived.

(8) Start batch processing.

(9) Number the processed workpiece.

3.Shut down

(1) Return the X, Y, and Z axes of the machine tool to the machine tool reference point.

(2) Turn off the high voltage button (HV ON).

(3) Turn off the laser power supply (LASER OFF).

(4) Press the emergency stop button and turn off the CNC panel (the power of the CNC panel cannot be forcibly turned off, as forced shutdown may easily cause system data loss).

(5) Cut off the power supply of the machine tool electrical control cabinet.

(6) Stop the chiller and cut off its power supply.

(7) Cut off the power supply of the laser electrical control cabinet.

(8) Stop the air compressor and cut off the power supply. (Normally on 24 hours a day)

(9) Stop the condenser and cut off the power supply. (Normally on 24 hours a day)

(10) Close each auxiliary gas valve.

(11) Clean the CNC cutting machine.

How much is cnc laser cutting machine

The price of a CNC laser cutting machine depends on many factors, such as the type of laser, the power of the laser, the size of the work area, the features of the machine, and the brand of the machine. The power of the equipment on the market ranges from 1kw to 60kw, and the price ranges from US$2,000 to US$300,000. For specific information, please consult the brand owner.

How To Choose A CNC Laser Cutting Machine

1.Choose the right power according to your needs

Before purchasing equipment, the first thing to think about is what power equipment to buy. The main factor in determining power is based on the thickness of the processed material. The thicker the sheet, the more difficult it is to cut and the greater the power required. So in terms of the power of the laser cutting machine, which one is better?

The power is divided into three types:

Low power, medium power, and high power.

Generally, low-power fabricantes on the market are concentrated now. Because of mature technology and low threshold, various fabricantes continue to make laser cutting machines in order to maximize profits. For simple configuration and cutting corners of materials, it is safe to choose a well-known laser cutting machine brand when choosing a low power.
In addition to the high quality requirements of the equipment itself, medium and high power laser cutting machines believe that cutting process parameters are also a science, so fabricantes that can do medium and high power are much less than those with low power. After all, it is a technical activity.

2.Choose the right price based on affordability

Many customers will consider the capital investment and output ratio when purchasing equipment. Compared with low-power laser cutting machines, high-power cutting efficiency must have a great advantage, but the higher the power, the price of the laser cutting machine will also be higher. The higher the value, many customers want to choose high-power, but considering the affordability of funds, they will hesitate.
Of course, in addition to the power of the laser cutting machine that affects the main price, other configurations will also have an impact, such as air compressors, dust collectors, and chillers. The configuration of different laser cutting machine fabricantes is also different, and the price will vary greatly.
Therefore, when choosing a laser cutting machine brand, considering the price, it is the best SENFENG to choose a cost-effective laser cutting machine fabricante.

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