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laser cleaning machines

what is laser cleaning

Laser cleaning machine, also known as laser rust removal machine, laser rust removal gun, laser blasting machine, laser derusting machine, is used to remove oxides, coatings, and rust on metal surfaces. It is hand-held and portable, and is simple and convenient to operate. It is used frequently in the industrial market.

how does laser cleaning work

portable laser cleaning machine for sale

DOWELL fiber handheld laser cleaning metal can provide customers with a friendly solution that does not require any chemicals. Through the energy generated by the laser, the impurities on the metal surface are clear, green and environmentally friendly.

Our portable laser rust removal machine provides 100w-3000w different power equipment km selection to meet a variety of cleaning and rust removal needs. If you want to find the best laser cleaner machine for you, come and contact us.

Continuous laser cleaning equipment

The energy is continuously and stably output, and the cleaning effect on the surface of objects is often relatively mild. Suitable for the industrial market and clear scenes with relatively large areas.

cheapest pulse laser cleaning machine

High-energy laser beams are used to instantly heat and cool surfaces, causing contaminants and thin coatings to fall off the surface. Suitable for fine metal surface cleaning.

Backpack laser cleaning machine

Lightweight, lithium battery powered, suitable for outdoor or restricted space operations; can be used in microelectronics/mold cleaning/surface treatment/rust removal and other fields

3 in 1 fiber welder cleaning machine

The fiber welder cleaning machine can cut, weld and clean metal steel plates in one machine, saving costs.

handheld laser derusting machine for sale

The power range is 1000w-3000w. Different fiber laser cleaners can be customized according to your needs to meet your needs.

Portable eco friendly handheld laser rust remover

Laser rust removal equipment, high efficiency, stable performance; capable of paint removal, oil removal, rust removal, film removal, descaling, coating removal, etc

laser surface cleaner

No contact, no grinding, no thermal effect, no harm to the human body of the substrate; simple operation, high cleanliness, effective cleaning of micron-level pollution particles

Lazer cleaner configuration

laser rust removal gun

laser rust removal gun

El sistema de escaneo se utiliza para controlar el movimiento del rayo láser sobre la superficie del objeto limpio.
The laser beam is fixed and stationary through a scanning mirror for scanning. The function of the scanning system is to evenly cover the entire cleaned surface with the laser beam, in order to achieve thorough cleaning.

laser clean systems

laser clean systems

The control system is the brain of the entire laser cleaning machine, used to control the operation of the laser, optical system, and scanning system
Work. The control system can adjust parameters such as laser power, laser beam diameter, scanning speed, etc. according to the actual situation,
To achieve different types of cleaning tasks.

láser de fibra óptica

láser de fibra óptica

Laser is the core component of laser cleaning machines, and commonly used lasers include solid-state lasers, semiconductor lasers, and
Fiber laser, etc. The laser has high output power, good wavelength selectivity, and good repeatability, making it suitable for calibration
Face cleaning.

how much does laser cleaning cost

1000W 2000W 3000W enviro industrial laser cleaner for sale, the price according to the brand, power, welding metal steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass and other materials, the price cost is also different, laser cleaning machine price in $6000 – – $10000, specific needs to refer to the configuration or consult the laser cleaning machine manufacturer.

laser cleaning tool Features

1. Green and environmentally friendly, no chemical reagents required, small size, easy to store, recyclable, no environmental pollution problems;
2. The laser cleaner machine is non-abrasive and non-contact and will not produce secondary pollution.
3. Achieve remote operation and ensure the safety of operators;
4. Remove contaminants from the surface of various materials to achieve a level of cleanliness that cannot be achieved by conventional cleaning. Without damaging the material surface, selectively clean the pollutants on the material surface;
5. Laser cleaning is highly efficient and saves time;
6. Lazer rust remover can be used stably for a long time and has low operating costs.

Application scope:

1. Rust removal from metal surfaces
2. Surface paint removal and paint removal treatment
3. Clean surface oil, stains and dirt
4. Surface plating and coating are clear
5. Pretreatment of welding surface and spraying surface
6. Remove dust and attachments on the surface of stone statues
7. Cleaning of rubber mold residues
8. Antiques and cultural relics cleaning

It is used in laser cleaning processes such as laser rust removal, oil removal, paint removal, zinc removal, laser film removal, and coating removal on the surface of workpieces. It is widely used in aerospace, molds, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical care, and cultural relics. In the fields of protection, military industry, shipbuilding, petroleum, transportation, etc., we undertake laser cleaning and processing business.

Preguntas más frecuentes

Questions about metal laser rust removal and cleaning

Lazer cleaner can not only clean but also remove rust, remove oxides, metal surface coatings, wood stain remover

The workpiece contaminants that need to be cleaned include rust, paint, and concrete residue. If you use laser gun rust removal directly to clean, the effect will be very poor.

The laser rust removal machine uses a continuous fiber laser with a wavelength of 1064nm. This wavelength of laser mainly works on rust layers and metal substrates, and has a low absorption rate on paint and concrete residues. Because the pollutants are different, the cleaning logic is different. The pollutants mainly include paint, rust layer, and cement. Therefore, the best way is to clean in three steps.

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Because each manufacturer produces the configuration, branding impression, welding effect is different, the top famous manufacturer supplier, laser rust removal price is relatively expensive, but relative to the cost savings, the investment cost is still appropriate.

Laser rust removal machines for sale on the market generally have different powers such as 100w 200w 500w 1000w 1500w 2000w 3000w. Choose the appropriate laser cleaning and rust removal machine according to the format size of the laser cleaning plate. You can also consult the laser cleaning machine manufacturer to obtain it.

Handheld laser cleaner for wood operation will generate high-energy heat, operators need to do a good job of safety protection, wearing laser goggles, safety masks, etc

When the laser irradiates the metal surface, the dirt on the surface will absorb the energy of the laser and react to loosen it. During the cleaning process, the laser will produce extremely strong vibrations. This vibration will directly shatter the loose dirt, thereby achieving the purpose of rust removal. Effect.

The high energy and high density of the laser are used to “ablate” or “dissolve” the material on the surface of the rust, thereby removing the rust. When the laser works, it will concentrate the energy on the surface of the rust, generating an instant reaction of high temperature and high pressure, causing the surface layer of the rust to evaporate and dissolve.

china laser cleaning machine manufacturers

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