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Square tube laser cutting machine is a laser cutting equipment specially used for cutting square or rectangular tubes. It uses laser technology to perform cutting, drilling, engraving and other processes on the pipe, with high cutting progress and fast speed. With the loading and unloading device, batch pipe cutting can be realized.

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Fiber Laser cutting stainless steel square tube

6M 3d square tube laser cutting

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  • It can cut pipes of various shapes, including square pipes, round pipes, channel steel, angle iron and other special-shaped materials.
  • It has a complete cooling, lubrication and dust removal system to ensure the stability, efficiency and durability of the whole machine.
  • The length of the pipe that can be cut is up to 6 meters, meeting the processing needs of large-size pipes.
  • A variety of laser power options are provided, ranging from 500 watts to 4000 watts, which can be configured according to the needs of different materials and thicknesses.
  • It can meet the cutting needs of flat materials and pipes. One machine can be used for multiple purposes, improving processing flexibility.
    It has high-precision cutting capabilities and can achieve precise cutting of complex graphics.
  • Special processing and heat treatment processes are adopted to ensure high centering accuracy of the synchronization mechanism.


The cutting head

The laser cutting head can achieve high-precision cutting, can complete precise cutting of complex graphics, and meet various customized production needs.

fiber lazer

fiber lazer

High reliability, high efficiency, low cost and high beam quality. It has compact structure, high electro-optical efficiency and stable and reliable performance.

Boru lazer kesim sistemi

Laser cutting system

Process any complex curve graphics on the pipe surface without graphics restrictions

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Equipped with a high-precision chuck with mechanical automatic centering and measurement functions, it can ensure high-precision cutting of metal pipes.

bed frame laser pipe cutting machine

Pipe cutting machine bed

The entire machine profile is welded and formed, and then machined after heat treatment and annealing. The heat treatment process ensures the overall rigidity of the machine tool and can be used for a long time.

servo motor

servo motor

High electro-optical conversion efficiency, customizable output fiber length, maintenance-free operation, high pulse energy, wide pulse repetition frequency range, etc.

tube cutting products

Various metal pipes such as round pipes, square pipes, hexagonal pipes, D-shaped pipes, waist pipes, oval pipes, rectangular pipes, special-shaped pipes, etc.Any complex curve graphics can be processed on the pipe surface without being restricted by the difficulty of the graphics. The cut pipe section does not need to be processed twice and can be directly welded, which greatly shortens the production period. The surface of the cut pipe is smooth and does not require secondary processing. It can be directly welded, which improves production efficiency.


laser cut metal fence panels


 In the metal fabrication industry, square tube laser cutting machines are widely used to cut and üretmek rectangular and square tubes from steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Structural elements like frames and supports in the form of clean cuts can be made with ease.

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Motor Industry:

A chassis car, roll cages, exhaust systems as well as many other structural parts require the use of square tubes. Laser cutting machines are used in these processes to carry out elaborate tasks like creating holes notches on these tubings so they can be firmly fixed together.

metal mobilya

Furniture Production:

The furniture industry often requires precision cutting of square tubes to manufacture frames, legs and other structural components. Furniture frames (often require precision cutting. Components can be manufactured efficiently using these machines, allowing for precise assembly ensuring the highest quality.


Building Sector:

Building frameworks, handrails, balustrades or even decorative elements can have their tubing cut at desired angles to fit a particular design by making use of a square tube laser cutter . Complex shapes may be created by the production lines as it permits complex designs which do not need any joining materials.

hvac applications

HVAC Applications:

In HVAC systems, square tubes play a significant role in ducting and ventilation. The cut should be neat and accurate resulting into proper air flow and good performance of the system.

china high quality square tube laser cutting machine factory supplier

DOWELL LASER is one of the best square tube laser cutting machine factories in China. It has been focusing on the production and manufacturing of laser equipment for 15 years, including square tube laser cutting equipment, elliptical tube laser cutting machines, metal plate cutting machines and other products. The company has a dedicated design and R&D department. The square tube laser profile cutting machine can be customized in size, power, configuration, etc. to meet your cutting needs for different tube materials.

En güncel metal boru lazer kesim ekipmanı fiyatlarını almak ve size uygun boru kesme makinesini tavsiye etmek için bizimle iletişime geçin.


  1. Tube Shape Capabilities:
  • Square tube laser cutting machines can cut various shapes of metal tubes, including square tubes, round pipes, channel steel, and angle steel.134
  • Round tube laser cutting machines are specifically designed for cutting round pipes and tubes.34
  1. Cutting Precision:
  • Square tube laser cutting machines can achieve high concentric accuracy and processing precision due to their rotary feeding method with gear rack transmission.1
  • Both square and round tube laser cutting machines can achieve tight cutting tolerances, typically ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.3 mm.4
  1. Cutting Applications:
  • Square tube laser cutting machines are widely used in industries like sheet metal processing, sports equipment, and home appliance üretme, allowing operations like marking, chamfering, piercing, cutting, engraving, and drilling on tubes.1
  • Round tube laser cutting machines are suitable for a variety of tube cutting and drilling applications across different industries.34
  1. Machine Design:
  • Square tube laser cutting machines are equipped with high-precision chucks that have automatic centering and measurement functions.1
  • The specific design features of round tube laser cutting machines are not detailed in the provided search results.

The square tube laser cutting machine can not only cut square tubes and round tubes, but also cut channel steel and other special-shaped metal tubes. This is a major advantage of this type of machine, which can meet the needs of various metal pipe processing.

The square tube laser cutting machine can cut the following materials:
Square Tube
Round Pipe
Stainless steel(Ss)
Carbon Steel(Ms)
Galvanized steel (Gi)
Metal Iron
Other special-shaped metal pipes, such as channel steel, angle iron, etc.

Steel: 0.500″ max (approx. 12.7mm)
Stainless steel: 0.375 inches (approx. 9.5 mm) maximum
Aluminum: 0.250 inch maximum (approximately 6.35 mm)

  • Cutting speed is relative and depends more on the time it takes to process the pipe to meet specifications than the actual cutting speed.
  • Compared with traditional cutting processes, laser cutting has the advantage of great flexibility – there is no need to open molds, which greatly saves new product development time.
  • The pipe fiber laser cutting machine can achieve precise cutting of holes, cutting, intersecting lines and various complex graphics that are difficult to achieve by conventional methods.
  • The maximum acceleration of the pipe laser cutting machine can reach 1.5G.
  • The cutting accuracy can reach ±0.25mm.
  • The cutting speed of the pipe laser cutting machine is related to the pipe diameter and laser power.
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