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backpack portable laser cleaning machine

50w 100w handheld portable rust removal fiber laser cleaning machine

portable laser cleaning machine

The portable laser cleaning machine can be hand-held, carried on the shoulder, or fixed on the workstation and is compact. We have made the most miniaturization possible while ensuring full functionality. In order to save as much space as possible in the design, we innovatively The safety indicator light and the chassis handle are designed as one, which ensures high-quality safety protection measures while making use more convenient;

The product can be connected to an external power battery, and customers can use it freely in places without power supply equipment;
Suitable for urban graffiti cleaning, welding bead cleaning, high-altitude operations or precision workshops that cannot be connected to electricity, etc.
work scene.

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Features of portable backpack laser cleaning machine

Cleaning machine configuration

Handheld cleaning gun head

Cigarette box size, only 650g. It is not tiring even if you hold it for a long time. Meets commonly used laser connectors on the market (QBH, QCS)

Various appearances

The chassis is small and beautiful, with a modern and simple design. It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. It is portable and hands-free, and looks beautiful and unobtrusive when carried on the back.

One-click opening and closing of hand button

The handle is made of aluminum alloy material, which is lightweight, strong and durable, and saves effort when carrying. The handle and work indicator light are combined into one, which facilitates operation and saves space.

Cleaning effect

Laser cleaning machines are widely used in aerospace, automobile, tire and wheel, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. Suitable for rust removal, oil removal, paint removal, coating removal, oxidation layer removal, plating layer removal, adhesive layer removal, cultural relic restoration, etc.


Industrial processing field: It can be used for surface cleaning of workpieces in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing and other industries. It can effectively remove oil, stains, rust, coating and other pollutants on the surface of workpieces.

Suitable for cleaning various complex-shaped workpieces to meet the cleaning requirements of fine positioning

Cultural relic restoration field: It can be used for cleaning the surface of cultural relics, such as removing rust, dirt, etc. The cleaning effect is good and will not cause damage to cultural relics.

Can be used for equipment cleaning in shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries

Suitable for cleaning in small spaces or inaccessible areas


Non-contact cleaning, suitable for workpieces of various shapes, can solve the problem that traditional cleaning is difficult to deal with complex surfaces

Regularly clean the cooler, exhaust fan and smoke pipe
Regularly clean mirrors and focusing lenses
Regularly clean the surface of the guide rail and spool

Relevant to factors such as brand, model, function and performance
Need to choose and compare based on specific needs

The lifespan of lasers is generally 5000-10000 hours
Extend service life through regular maintenance

It adopts a plug-and-play portable power supply design, no special power supply is required, and it can be directly connected to the 220V AC power supply for use.

Backpack laser cleaners don’t seem to be suitable for home use.

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