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Difference Between Side Mounted Laser Pipe Cutting Machine and Horizontal Cutting

Pipe laser cutting machines have a high usage rate in the industrial market. With the advancement and upgrading of technology, side-mounted laser pipe cutting machines and horizontal laser pipe cutting machines have appeared in people’s field of vision. The difference between the two is Unique features, benefits and potential limitations.

This article introduces the Difference Between Side Mounted Laser Pipe Cutting Machine and Horizontal Cutting in detail.

yana monteli lazer boru kesme makinası
yana monteli lazer boru kesme makinası

Side Mounted Laser Pipe Cutting Machine vs Horizontal Cutting

Structural form

The structural form of the side-hanging laser pipe cutting machine and the horizontal cutting machine has obvious differences.

The side mounted laser pipe cutting machine is commonly used in the form of a frame, the bracket is easy to balance, and the overall shape and structure of the machine are beautiful and elegant. When working, the laser and sensor are installed on the side wall, which can realize all-round laser positioning of the tube and multi-angle cutting.

The horizontal cutting machine adopts a desktop or gantry structure, which is relatively stable, and the cutting efficiency can be greatly improved. During the cutting process, the tube rests on the workbench and is placed stably. Since lasers and sensors are installed on the workbench, it is not easy to achieve all-round laser positioning.

Processing range

The side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine is mainly suitable for the cutting of pipes, mainly for the cutting of round pipes, and can achieve various angle cutting, which can meet the requirements of most customers in the market.

The horizontal cutting machine can not only cut pipes, but also cut steel plates, thin plates and other materials, with a wider processing range. The horizontal cutting machine adopts a platform design, which can accommodate a larger cutting range and a larger pipe diameter. At the same time, it can also realize various angles, hole cutting and other functions, making it more versatile.

Applicable materials

Side hanging laser pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting various metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.

Horizontal cutting machine can not only cut metal materials, but also cut some non-metallic materials, such as plastics, wood, etc. This machine can be widely used in furniture, mold manufacturing, decoration, advertising and other fields.

Speed and Precision: Comparative Analysis

  • The side-mounted laser head precisely positions the beam on the pipe surface, ensuring a clean cut without wasting any material or damaging adjacent areas. This level of precision is especially important when working with high-value materials or complex designs that require the highest precision.
  • Horizontal cutters excel in speed due to their continuous feed capabilities. Since the pipe is fed horizontally into the machine, there is no need to stop between cuts, resulting in a seamless and uninterrupted workflow. This means higher productivity and faster turnaround times, making horizontal cutters ideal for large-scale production environments where time is of the essence.

Versatility in Cutting Angles: Which Machine Offers More Flexibility?

Side-mounted laser pipe cutters offer excellent versatility in this regard. The side-mounted laser head can be adjusted to cut pipe at different angles, allowing for greater design flexibility and customization options. Whether you need straight cuts, bevels, or complex angle cuts, a side-mounted laser pipe cutter can meet your needs.

Horizontal cutters have limitations when it comes to cutting angles. Due to their horizontal orientation and continuous feed mechanism, they are best suited for straight cuts or simple angle cuts. If your operation primarily involves these types of cuts, a horizontal cutter may be sufficient. However, if you need more complex angle cuts or beveled edges, a side-mounted laser pipe cutter would be a better choice.

Space Considerations: Efficiency in Workshop Layout

Side-mounted laser pipe cutting machines are known for their compact design and smaller footprint. The side-mounted configuration allows efficient use of space as it requires less operating floor space. This makes them ideal for workshops with limited space or those wishing to optimize their floor layout.

Horizontal cutters typically have a larger footprint due to their horizontal orientation and continuous feed mechanism. They require more length and width space to accommodate the feeding system and ensure smooth material flow. If your workshop has enough space and high-volume production is a priority, a horizontal cutter may be a suitable choice.

Maintenance and Durability:

Side-mounted laser pipe cutting machines typically require regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. The laser head, lenses, and mirrors need to be cleaned regularly to prevent dust or debris from affecting the cutting quality. The machine’s mechanical parts should be inspected and lubricated according to the With proper maintenance, a side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine can provide years of reliable performance.

Horizontal cutters also require regular maintenance, especially their feed systems. Drums, belts and guides need to be inspected and cleaned regularly to ensure smooth material flow. , the alignment and calibration of the laser head should be checked to maintain accurate cutting. With proper care and maintenance, horizontal cutters can provide consistent performance over an extended period of time.

Cost Analysis:

Side-mounted laser pipe cutting machines typically have a higher initial investment compared to horizontal cutting machines. They offer excellent price/performance in terms of increased productivity, reduced material waste and improved accuracy.

Horizontal cutters typically have a lower initial investment compared to side-mounted laser pipe cutters due to their simpler design and fewer advanced features. It is important to consider the potential operating expenses associated with a continuous feed system, such as replacement parts or additional maintenance requirements.

User-Friendliness and Training Requirements

The side-mounted laser pipe cutting machine is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. They often come with advanced software that allows for easy programming and customization of cutting parameters. In addition, many

Horizontal cutters also offer a user-friendly interface, but they may require more extensive training due to their continuous feed system. Operators need to be familiar with the feeding mechanism and know how to load and unload materials correctly.

Industry Applications:

Side-mounted laser pipe cutting machines are ideal for industries that require precise cutting of pipes with complex geometries. This includes industries such as aerospace, automotive, construction and furniture The ability to cut pipe at a variety of angles makes it ideal for creating complex designs or achieving tight tolerances.

Horizontal cutters excel in industries that prioritize high-volume production and straight cuts. Industries such as oil and gas, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) and shipbuilding benefit from the continuous feed capabilities of horizontal cutters. They can process long pipes efficiently without frequent stops or manual intervention.

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Choosing between side mounted laser pipe cutting machine and horizontal cutting machine requires careful consideration of various factors such as technology, capabilities, speed, precision, versatility of cutting angles, space considerations, maintenance requirements, cost analysis, user-friendliness properties, training requirements and industry applications.

By understanding the differences between these two types of machines and evaluating how they meet your specific needs, you can make informed decisions to optimize your Whether you prioritize precision, speed, versatility or cost-effectiveness, there’s a pipe cutting machine that can revolutionize your process and drive your business forward.


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