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Guide to 3015 Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine Factory

The 3015 plate and tube laser cutting machine mainly refers to the effective cutting width of the laser cutting equipment is 3000×150mm. It is a Lazer kesme makinesi suitable for cutting metal plates and pipes. It has the advantages of fast cutting speed, high precision and good cutting quality, and is widely used in construction, machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, aerospace and other industries.

Plate and tube integrated machine
Plate and tube integrated machine

Features of 3015 Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

  • Fast cutting speed: It is faster than traditional cutting methods, it cuts at a speed of tens meters per minute.
  • High cutting accuracy: with this kind of laser cuttings, you could get high-precision ±0.05mm that are perfect for high-precision cutting.
  • Good cutting quality: The guillotine’s edge is smooth and flat without burrs thus no further processing required.
  • Can cut complex shapes: It can cut plates and pipes in any shape regardless of its form.
  • Saving materials: Little or no material is lost hence the cost of materials is saved.
  • Simple operation: simple manipulation; foolproof to learn and use.

Materials Compatible with Combination Plate Tube Laser Cutting

Results or outcome of plate and tube laser cutting are highly dependent on the kind of materials one uses. The factory for 3015 combination tube and plate laser cutting machine has a whole variety of compatible materials to choose from, thus making it quite versatile for different purposes. Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass among many other materials can be used as they are capable of handling diverse ranges of material hence making them perfect for various applications.

More possibilities open up for fabricators with the ability to handle various materials at 3015 plate and tube laser cutting machine factory. Various types of compatible materials can be applied in order to attain precise and cost-effective processes while designing complex patterns or creating mechanical parts.

How much is 3015 plate tube laser cutting machine price

The price of a 3015 tube plate integrated laser cutting machine can vary depending on the brand, specifications, features, and the seller. Generally, these machines can range in price from $50,000 to $400,000 or more. It is recommended to contact manufacturers or suppliers directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.

Applications of Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Yapı: In construction, it can be used to cut different types of plates and pipes needed for steel structures such as columns, beams, trusses among others.

Machinery: In the machinery sector, various types of plates and tubes are cut for machine tool beds, frames, gears among other things.

Otomotiv: On automotive industry whereby diverse kinds of plates and tubes get trimmed like in frames, bodies and chassis.

Shipbuilding: Shipbuilders use this process to cut through hulls, decks as well as bulkheads or any other part of the ship that needs cutting.

Aerospace: Aircraft manufacturers use this method to cut fuselages, wings along with engines.

How to choose 3015 plate and tube laser cutting machine suppliers

  1. Reputation and Strength: Choose a manufacturer with a strong reputation in the industry. Look out for manufacturers who have good records in terms of quality of products and on-time delivery. Also, it is advisable to choose a manufacturer that has high financial stability and has been proven trustworthy.
  2. Product Quality: In choosing a manufacturer, quality comes first. Manufacturers should provide strict measures to control their product quality as well as adhering to relevant standards. Conduct an assessment of their facilities and production processes to evaluate whether they meet your desired level of quality.
  3. After-sales Service: A good after-sales service from the manufacturer can make all the difference in your overall experience with them. Some companies offer warranties, tech support and easy spare parts availability. A responsive customer care team can assist you in solving any problems which may arise after shopping.

By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you will be able to choose a producer based on its strength, product quality, and after sales services thereby assuring success in partnership.

TOP 3015 plate tube laser cutting machine factory in China

China is the largest producer and consumer of fiber laser cutting machines for plates and tubes, with numerous producers of plate and tube laser cutting machines. Some of which are well-known manufacturers such as:

  • Han’s laser
  • Raycus laser
  • HGS laser
  • Lxshow laser
  • Bodor lazer
  • GWEIKE laser
  • Senfeng laser
  • ACME laser
  • Hongniu Laser

These manufacturers have strong technology research and development capabilities, product manufacturing capacity, marketing strength, and occupy leading positions in market competition.


3015 Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Factory is outstanding as it becomes the trendsetter in innovation within the industry. In this era of technology, factories are a futuristic representation of manufacturing. Through advanced technology, all stages of productions have been optimized to enhance quality and high speed production hence manifesting sophisticated laser cutting equipment.

 A dynamic market demands for businesses that want to remain competitive within an evolving sector to invest in such ground-breaking technologies.


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