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Laser Welding Single Pendulum Vs Double Pendulum

Compared with traditional welding, handheld laser welding machines improve work efficiency and save labor. However, for many buyers, whether to choose a single or double pendulum laser welding machine is more difficult for new entrants. This question Elaborate on Laser Welding Single Pendulum Vs Double Pendulum.

3kw çift tel beslemeli lazer kaynak makinesi
3kw çift tel beslemeli lazer kaynak makinesi

What is Single Pendulum Laser Welding Machine

A single pendulum laser welding machine is a type of laser welding equipment that uses the motion of a single axis pendulum to achieve precise and efficient welding. The technology involves using a laser beam to shine on the workpiece, generating a localized heat source that melts and fuses the material together.

The workpiece is fixed by a countertop or fixture, and the laser welding head moves unidirectionally on the welding body, resulting in fast welding speed. It is suitable for simple shapes and small welding areas with higher accuracy.

Advantages of Pendulum Laser Welding Machine

  • Simplicity. The simplicity of the technology makes it easy to operate and maintain, making it ideal for applications that require repeated welding paths. Single pendulum motion enables high-speed welding, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times.
  • Stability. Controlled motion along a single axis ensures consistent weld quality and minimizes deformation or warping of the workpiece. Suitable for applications where precision and accuracy are critical.

What is Double Pendulum Laser Welding Machine

The workpiece is mounted on the swing arm, and the laser welding head moves in both directions simultaneously, making it suitable for welding large parts and complex shapes. The weld quality is higher, but the speed is slower.This added flexibility enables greater control over the weld path and opens up possibilities for more complex geometries.

Advantages of Pendulum Laser Welding Machine

  • It allows for multi-directional welding, meaning complex shapes can be accurately welded from all angles. This makes it particularly useful in applications where access to certain areas may be restricted.
  • The double-pendulum laser welding machine enhances the control of heat input during the welding process. The ability to adjust movement along two axes enables precise manipulation of the laser beam, resulting in improved weld quality and reduced heat-affected zones. This is particularly beneficial when sensitive materials are used or strict quality requirements must be met.
Lazer kaynak
Lazer kaynak

What is the Welding Effect of Using the Two?

Double pendulum welding joints have a different speed than single pendulum welding. The biggest difference between single pendulum and double pendulum laser handheld welding is their movement mode. The pendulum is a one-way linear motion, that is, the welding head can only move in one direction, and the welding angle must be continuously adjusted during the welding process to meet the requirements of the welding surface. This mode is suitable for small area welding because the skill requirements for welding workers are relatively high.

The double pendulum is more flexible than the single pendulum. It can move in both horizontal and vertical directions, which makes it suitable for welding large areas and work that requires welding smooth surfaces. The movement of the double pendulum is more complex and requires some experienced welders to operate it.

dübel lazer kaynak makinesi üreticisi
dübel lazer kaynak makinesi üreticisi

Laser Welding Single Pendulum Vs Double Pendulum

Stability during use:

The double pendulum can rotate in both directions, so it can be more stable The double pendulum can more perfectly control the light exposure of the welding area
Since the pendulum can only rotate in one direction, it may cause jitter during welding

Welding effect:

The double pendulum of the handheld laser welder has stronger control capabilities, can better control the steering and position of the laser beam, and can weld parts of different shapes and sizes more accurately.

The double pendulum realizes bidirectional rotation, which can better control the even distribution of heat during welding, thereby avoiding problems such as deformation and cracking caused by overheating.

The pendulum cannot control the steering and position of the beam, so more care is required At the same time, the welding effect may also be defective due to jitter and instability during one-way rotation, affecting the welding effect.

Uygulama alanı

  • The pendulum is suitable for small welding, such as electronic components, jewelry and other small products. Due to the slow pendulum welding speed, it is suitable for finer work.
  • Double pendulum is suitable for large-scale welding, such as automobile manufacturing, construction, etc., because it has higher welding speed and processing efficiency.
lazer kaynak pirinç
lazer kaynak pirinç

How Choose Single and double pendulum handheld laser welders

Single pendulum welding and double pendulum welding each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing different methods according to different welding needs can improve work efficiency and welding quality.

  • Scope of application: Single pendulum welding is suitable for simple shapes and smaller welding areas, with fast welding speed and high precision; double pendulum welding is suitable for large parts and complex shapes, with higher weld quality but slower speed.
  • Kaynak hızı: Single pendulum welding speed is fast and the welding efficiency is high; double pendulum welding speed is slow but the weld quality is higher.
  • Welding quality: Single pendulum welding is prone to problems such as penetration, pores, and spatter; double pendulum welding can effectively avoid these problems, but requires high operating technology and equipment precision.

The choice between a single pendulum lazer kaynak makinesi and a double pendulum laser welding machine depends on the specific requirements of your project. When making your decision, consider factors such as weld path complexity, access to different areas of the workpiece, required weld quality and budget constraints. Both techniques offer unique advantages and can provide excellent results when applied correctly.


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