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China Best H Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machine Factories

In an environment where the manufacturing and construction industries are constantly developing, the requirements for the accuracy, speed, and flexibility of H steel pipe cutting machines are relatively high. Especially in China, a global manufacturing power, many factories can produce such high-end equipment.

This blog post will guide you to understand the information about H steel pipe laser cutting machines in China, I hope it will be helpful to you.

What is H Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machines

H shaped steel plays an indispensable role in construction, machinery manufacturing, and other fields with its excellent strength and versatility. However, traditional cutting methods, such as flame cutting and plasma cutting, often have problems such as low precision, poor efficiency, and rough cutting surfaces, making it difficult to meet increasingly refined processing needs.

The emergence of laser cutting technology has brought revolutionary changes to H beam processing. H shaped steel laser cutting machine, with its unparalleled advantages, has quickly become the standard equipment in the field of steel structure processing.

laser cutting structural steel
laser cutting structural steel

China Top Leading H Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machines Manufacturers

When it comes to H steel pipe laser cutting machines, China is home to some of the top manufacturers in the world. These manufacturers have established themselves as leaders in the industry by consistently delivering high-quality machines that meet the evolving needs of customers.

Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Location: Shenzhen, China

This şirket is renowned for its comprehensive range of laser equipment, including laser cutting, welding, and cleaning machines.

HGTECH (Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd.)

Location: Wuhan, China

HGTECH specializes in various laser technologies and is known for its quality laser cutting machines. They are considered pioneers in Çin’s laser industry.

Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

Bodor is famous for its innovative fiber laser cutting technology and is one of the largest metal fiber laser cutting machine factories in northern China. Product line laser cutting machine, laser pipe cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine, and other products, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, a listed company in the laser industry in northern China. It has sales and service points in many places around the world, and its business covers 140 countries around the world. Multiple countries.

Jinan G. Weike Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

G. Weike is committed to intelligent production and offers a wide range of equipment including heavy-duty laser cutting equipment and integrated plate and tube laser cutting equipment. The company has 4 production bases and is the most promising laser company in the north. Its product lines include Laser cutting machines, laser cleaning machines, laser welding machines, industrial automation equipment, etc. involve many fields.

In March 2024, it took the lead in launching 135,000 watt metal laser cutter, focusing on product research and development. The company’s business covers all parts of the world, and it has manufacturing plants overseas. It is the most promising laser equipment manufacturer in China.

Shandong Oree Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

Oree Laser offers cost-effective laser cutting solutions and is known for its comprehensive product lineup.

The company’s product line includes metal laser cutter equipment, CNC laser tube cutting machines, laser welding machines, laser cleaning machines and other products. The company adheres to quality standards and its products are exported to 80+ countries. It has after-sales service points overseas. It is the most famous laser manufacturer in Jinan, Shandong Province. One of the equipment companies.

Accurl CNC Machine (Anhui) Manufactory Co., Ltd.

Location: Anhui, China

Starting with bending machines, Accurl now offers advanced CNC laser cutting machines along with a variety of other laser processing equipment.

Jinan Dowell Photoelectricity Equipment Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

Shandong has 15 years of experience in laser equipment manufacturing, focusing on product research and development. DUBELL LAZER product lines are mainly laser cutting machines, CNC laser pipe cutter machines, laser cleaning machines, laser welding machines, three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting machines, etc., in South Korea, Egypt We have dealers and our products are exported to the United States, Russia, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Dubai and other countries.

A new self owned factory of 12,000 square meters will be established in 2024 to meet different user customization needs and can wholesale and customize various types of laser equipment. One of the long-standing laser equipment manufacturers in Jinan, Shandong, China.

Shandong Leapion Machinery Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

Leapion is recognized for its precision and innovative technology in laser cutting, offering a variety of laser processing equipment.

The company mainly focuses on woodworking engraving machines, and later extended its product lines to laser cutting machines, laser tube cutter equipment, laser welding cleaning machines, and other products. The company focuses on brand promotion, and its products are mainly of high quality and low price, and enjoys a large reputation in the Alibaba brand, is deeply favored by overseas customers, and is one of the youngest fiber laser equipment manufacturers in Shandong, China.

Jinan Acme CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

Location: Jinan, Shandong, Çin

Acme Laser is a specialist in pipe fiber laser cutting machine and is known for providing high quality pipe cutting equipment.

Focusing on the production of fiber laser pipe cutting systems, the newly developed three-chuck and four-chuck zero-tailing machines are favored by customers in the industrial market. In particular, the heavy duty laser tube cutter enjoys a high reputation in the market.

Dongguan Glory Star Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: Dongguan, China

Glory Star provides a diverse range of laser machines, including specialized equipment for plate and laser pipe cutter.

steel structure laser cutting systems
steel structure laser cutting systems

How about H Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machines Precision and Power

H steel pipe laser cutting machines are known for their exceptional precision and power. These machines utilize advanced laser technology to achieve accurate cuts with minimal material waste.

H steel fiber laser tube/pipe laser cutting machines have their ability to cut through various thicknesses of steel pipes with ease. Whether it’s thin-walled pipes or thick-walled ones, these machines can handle the task efficiently and precisely. This versatility makes them ideal for a wide range of applications across different industries.

H steel pipe laser cutting machines offer high-speed cutting capabilities without compromising on quality. With their advanced fiber lasers, these machines can achieve rapid cutting speeds while maintaining exceptional accuracy. This allows manufacturers to meet tight deadlines without sacrificing the integrity of their products.

açık kesit lazer kesim
açık kesit lazer kesim


China’s leading H-tube laser cutting machine factories are at the forefront of manufacturing innovation. Through continuous research and development, these factories continue to develop laser cutting technology to meet the growing demand for efficiency and precision.


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