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A Buyer’s Guide: 2000w Handheld Laser Cleaner Price

Today, with the rapid development of the laser cleaning market, many customers are very concerned about the price of clean laser machines. Do you want to buy the cheapest laser cleaning machine?
Facing the numerous handheld laser cleaning markets, mini laser cleaning tools, mobile laser cleaning tools, etc. are favored by customers. Convenience, environmental protection, and safety are topics that people are more concerned about.

This article will describe the price of 2000 watt laser cleaner for sale, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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laser cleaning

How Does 2K Laser Cleaning Machine Work?

The 2000 watt laser cleaner operates by directing a high-power light beam towards materials for processes such as cleansing, rust elimination, corrosion removal, stain removal, paint stripping, pre-welding, or other surface treatment.

This means that up to hitherto unplumbed heights of energy efficiency and extremely powerful lasers are used in this kind of technology. For example, among the materials processed by Laser Photonics’ Cleantech LPC 2000CTH are aluminium, anodized aluminum, alloy metals, stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass and solid plastic without any damage to the underlying material.

Laser beams can quickly remove burnt residue or charring from big quantities of paint at high speeds while being able to clean small intricate parts.

Laser cleaning is a versatile technique that minimizes the need for use of chemicals and abrasives such as used in industries like aerospace and defense manufacturing industry; power plants (including nuclear) and repair facilities.

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laser cleaning

2000w Handheld Laser Cleaner Features

Intuitiveness in Use: This device is made with a quick and easy setup in mind thus it is designed to be user-friendly for both professional technicians and beginners; so that anyone can learn how to use it efficiently within as short time as possible.

Small and Handy: It contains an inbuilt water cooler, uses standard power connection hence very practical for use across different fields or environments.

No Cost Maintenance: This has a long lasting laser source concentrate on ruggedness instead of expensive consumables that makes the system cost-effective for businesses.

Mobility Made Easier: The tool comes with a 33ft long fiber optic cable and mobile cabinet making it easier to move around while cleaning.

Çevre dostu: Uses a cleaning machine laser process that is environmentally friendly because there are no chemicals employed which might have negative impacts on the surroundings when used.

Wide Range of Applications: These include aerospace, automotive, military & defense, power generation systems, etc. Therefore this device can work well for many wide sectors right from maintenance & repair work.

Detailed Technical Spec of This Model Includes: 2000 watt laser source power, maximum beam width of 300mm, and cleaning capacity up to 50 square meters per hour among other specific details meant for effective cleansing operations.

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laser cleaning

Portable Fiber Laser Cleaner Applications

Preservation of Steel Structures: Eliminating rust from metal buildings to maintain both their structural soundness and beauty.

Graffiti Removal from Walls: Successfully cleaning off graffiti while maintaining the original appearance of the wall.

Industrial Metal Part Cleaning: Maintaining clean metal components in different industries for perfect quality and performance.

Metal Component Derusting: Removing rust on metallic items to stop corrosion and increase endurance.

Gear Cleaning: Filtering gear mechanisms to keep efficiency up and prevent premature wear and tear.

Refinishing Casted Parts: Removing paint from castings for re-finishing or other uses

Manufacturing Mold Cleansing: De-greasing molds used in manufacturing for better product quality

Weld Joint Purification: The purging of weld joints on such metals as steel, aluminum, etc. without affecting the base material itself.

Surface Prep for Refinishing: Taking off previous coatings such as paint on wood, metal, plastics before refinishing.

Metal Surface Restoration: Getting rid of rust completely from these surfaces thus restoring them to near original condition.

Conservation of Cultural Artifacts: The careful cleansing and preservation of artworks including statues, structures.

Electronics Decontamination: Cleansing pollutants away from delicate electronic devices like circuit boards and sensors.

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laser cleaning

How Much 2000w Handheld Laser Cleaner Price Cost

000W handheld fiber laser cleaning machines cost currently on the market ranges from US$6,000 to US$10,000.

This type of cleaning laser machine is designed for portable use and provides efficient cleaning capabilities for a variety of applications such as rust removal, paint stripping, coating removal, and more.

What are the Limitations of a 2k Laser Cleaning Machine

The 2k, probably refers to a laser wavelength (2000nm) rather than an inherent machine problem. However, irrespective of the wave length, there exist some limitations in the laser cleaning machine.

Surface limitations: The best results are obtained when performing laser cleaning on hard and durable surfaces. Materials that are soft like plastics or rubbers can be damaged by the beam of light from the lasers. Moreover, highly reflective surfaces could deflect the laser light hence making it difficult to clean them.

Energy control challenge: It is very critical that one should have accurate energy density control of lasers. If you do not have enough energy level, then contaminants will not be effectively removed. If it goes too high, then it would damage materials beneath.

Beam control: Focusing and directing a laser beam can be challenging especially on uneven or complex surfaces. This may lead to non-uniform cleaning or an inability to reach some places.

Waste Disposal: Proper ventilation and filtration is needed for evaporative contaminants generated during cleaning to avoid harmful fumes or airborne particles.

Cost and Complexity: Laser cleaning machines usually cost more compared to conventional cleaning techniques in use today. Besides, they also require skilled operators who have knowledge on how they are set up and operated effectively.

laser cleaning (13)
laser cleaning (13)

2k laser cleaners are powerful tools; however, they do not apply everywhere as a one-size-fits-all solution. Taking into account these limitations will assist you in determining if a 2k laser cleaner is suitable for your application.


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