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Top 10 Best Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China

China’s laser cutting machine industry is large and dynamic, with many manufacturers making great contributions to the domestic and international markets. Here are ten famous China fiber laser tube cutting machine factories, known for their innovation, quality, and market share.

Top 10 Best Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers in China

  • HSG laser
  • Hymson Laser
  • Chutian Laser
  • Lead laser
  • Leiming laser
  • Yawei
  • Jinqiang Laser
  • acme laser
  • Longxin Laser

HSG laser

HSG Laser is a leading manufacturer of laser cutting machines in China, specializing in providing high-quality equipment for various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and sheet metal manufacturing. The laser pipe cutting machine equipment includes square tube laser cutting equipment, 2 chucks, 3 chucks, and 4 chuck pipe cutting machines. Products are exported to more than 140 countries around the world, with a reputation for perfect after-sales services.

Hymson Laser

Hymson Laser is known for its innovative laser cutting solutions, which meet the precision cutting needs of electronics, medical apparatus, signage and other industries. Fiber laser tube cutting equipment is favored by customers and has agents in many regions around the world.

Chutian Laser

Chutian Laser is a well-known supplier of laser cutting systems, providing efficient and reliable machines for applications in the steel manufacturing, shipbuilding, and construction industries.

Lead laser

Lead Laser specializes in advanced laser cutting and engraving technologies, providing solutions tailored to the needs of industries such as textiles, packaging, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Leiming laser

Leiming Laser (senfeng) is famous for its full range of laser cutting machinery, serving industries such as furniture production, agricultural equipment manufacturing, and metal processing. One of the famous laser equipment manufacturers in Shandong, laser equipment products cover a wide range, with multiple production and manufacturing plants, pipe cutting machines include heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machines, 3 chucks, 4 chucks metal pipe cutting equipment. Products are exported to all over the world.


Yawei is a well-known manufacturer of laser cutting and bending machines, providing integrated solutions for sheet metal processing in industries such as construction, electrical, and HVAC.

Jinqiang Laser

Jinqiang laser is committed to being the best tube laser cutting machine, the company mainly produces metal laser cutting equipment, economical pipe cutting equipment, heavy-duty pipe cutting machines, large metal pipe cutting systems, three-chuck pipe cutting machines, etc. Metal laser pipe cutting machines provide high-performance laser tube cutting systems for sheet metal processing, automotive parts, kitchen utensils manufacturing, and other application fields.

Acme laser

Acme Laser is renowned for its cutting-edge laser tube cutting technology, providing precise and efficient cutting solutions for industries ranging from jewelry manufacturing to heavy machinery manufacturing.

Longxin Laser

Longxin Laser specializes in the production of laser cutting equipment, providing multi-functional solutions for industries such as signage, advertising, and automotive prototypes.


LÁSER DE DOWELL is a trustworthy laser cutting machine manufacturer with 15 years of factory manufacturing experience, providing a variety of models suitable for industries such as electronics, renewable energy and medical equipment manufacturing. Pipe laser cutting equipment includes small laser pipe cutting machines, heavy-duty large pipe laser cutting equipment, square pipe cutting machines, round pipe cutting equipment, etc., to meet the different customized needs of customers.


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